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Eric Adams wants to be NYC’s next mayor after recent statistics


Eric Adams remains on the verge of becoming the next mayor of New York City after a series of unelected votes on Tuesday night showed him leading his rivals in the Democratic Party.

According to recent correspondence figures, Adams, President of the Bronx and retired police chief, had 50.5% to 49.5% lead in Kathryn Garcia, a former head of the sanitation department. He was separated by 8,426 votes, while only 3,700 are still. Maya Wiley, who is leading the way forward, was third.

In his statement Adams said: “Although there are very few votes to be counted, the results are clear: the old, diverse, five-party coalition led by New York workers has led us to the Democratic Republic and especially to the mayor of New York.”

The results were inconclusive and likely to be contested, but the Associated Press called Adams’ start Tuesday night. Various activities threatened to be prosecuted after they were carried out miraculously wrong and the agency brought in errors last week, and disrupted the city’s early elections.

The commission has condemned the mistake, with 135,000 “test” votes added to its list, on human rights abuses and asking for forgiveness.

Adams, who will be the city’s second black mayor, David Dinkins, ran as a police officer capable of using police to deal with gun violence and hate crime while redeveloping the department. All of them and him Garcia, who showed up late, refused repeated calls to “return” the police.

Given the turnout in the Democratic Republic of New York City, the party’s first winner is expected to win the November election.

By means of a special ballot, voters were allowed to choose five candidates at their own discretion, depending on their preferences. The losers who were elected were then beaten and their votes were changed in succession until only the remaining two were left.

Adams came first after the first vote. But its lead only had 15,908 votes left when the results of the election were announced last week. Corrected the next day, the difference between Garcia was only 14,755 votes, while about 124,000 votes were not cast.


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