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Employees of an Amazon warehouse in New York City have returned a request for a contract | Business and Economic Affairs

The U.S. National Labor Relations Board said a group of workers released key documents Wednesday; will also see the debit cards in the coming days.

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Employees of Inc. who want to merge four new offices in New York City say they now have enough signatures to call for a vote.

The working group filed a petition Wednesday to make a collective decision after failing to collect the necessary signatures in the fall. In commemoration of the event, the staff organized a series of demonstrations in front of the Amazon ‘largest warehouse on Staten Island, one of the four districts of the region.

A spokesman for the U.S. National Labor Relations Board said the working group had issued the necessary documents Wednesday and will review the union cards in the coming days. An Amazon spokesman said, “We focus on listening to our employees and improving their continuous environment.”

The US met with a strong labor force this year. Employees at Starbucks Corp. in Buffalo, New York, voted to unite this month, becoming the first to do so in the company’s 50-year history. Coffee is now facing a push for unity in their Seattle hometown.

Amazon, founded by the second richest man in the world, has long been a major target for organized social work. The company won a major bid in Bessemer, Alabama, in April, but a government official ordered Amazon to run for a second election there. The Amazon employee exhibition is growing worldwide. On Wednesday, workers in a Chicago warehouse walked out of a pay dispute, according to TechCrunch.

Team leader at Staten Island is Chris Smalls, who worked in Amazon for more than four years. Amazon removed him in 2020 for what the company said was a breach of safety regulations; Smalls said he opposes Amazon’s inadequacy of Covid-19. The dispute is part of an ongoing dispute between the company and a New York attorney general.

Earlier this year, a team of workers reportedly collected about 2,000 signatures from employees at four Staten Island locations where Amazon stored the items and shipped them to customers. The facility has about 5,500 employees and serves as the capital of New York City.

Under state law, organizers must win by 30% of employees. The group thinks it has achieved that goal when it filed its first application in October. But it removed the papers last month because, the group’s lawyer said, some of the people who signed the council cards are no longer working there.

It was a serious mistake, however, that the efforts of the common people seem to be at the forefront of pushing for elections, which took years for the big corporations of this country to achieve.

The show on Staten Island will take place Wednesday at the larger venue where Smalls worked, called JFK8. Employees have made demands on Amazon that include reimbursement of risky payments and a permanent agreement allowing employees to keep their phones at work. Amazon lifted the phone ban “until further notice” over the weekend following the spread of omicron species and a hurricane that killed six workers in Edwardsville, Illinois.

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