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Elon Musk’s SpaceX Says It’s Trying To Deal With A Small Texas Group

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Citizens of Boca Chica Village are facing pressure from SpaceX and local authorities to sell their space, especially Elon Musk may realize his dream of making a modern company near SpaceX’s nearby space, according to Wall Street Journal.

SpaceX has purchased more than 112 locations in the region so far, public records show, which they use to secure their employees. A number of people with whom the Journal spoke said SpaceX provided it repeatedly buy their place. Some people received the money, while others refused to give up their dream homes.

The acquisition of SpaceX at Boca Chica began in 2012, two years before its launch, and has grown significantly since 2019, according to the release. That’s when SpaceX began expanding its operations and developing a new rocket, the Super Heavy, designed to reach people on the Moon and Mars. Musk has said he wants to turn the entire region into “Starbase, Texas,” as he wrote in a tweet in March, in combination with the legal town.

About 14 people not connected to SpaceX currently live in Boca Chica Village and surrounding areas, according to the Journal. Local resident, Celia Johnson, told the seller that she began to have problems with employees at SpaceX after she refused the company to buy its two available space. near the place of installation. One of his apartments, a rented house, had a 1,600-gallon water tank suddenly collapsed in 2019. A few months later, he arrived and found his window smashed with bricks and evidence that someone was lying there. When he and his neighbors accused employees of SpaceX of being responsible, the company refused but retaliated.

“SpaceX has plagued us from the beginning,” Johnson said in an interview with the Journal. “The staff at SpaceX has done what they want.”

Two other people, Mary and Harvey Bloomer, say they received an email from SpaceX chief financial officer David Finlay in September 2020 giving them $ 149,700 in their home. In an email, which was reviewed by the Journal, he warned that their property would fall into dangerous areas “where citizens are not allowed to live.” Scompetition programX has been a number of places violent failed trials for many years.

Another resident, Rosemarie Workman, who retired with her husband at their home in Boca Chica Village in 2004, told the letter that she had received a letter from SpaceX in 2019 giving her $ 155,700 for her house – an undisclosed amount that the letter claims was three times the house Market price. When he refused, SpaceX sent at least three more donations. The latter, which was $ 210,600, was accompanied by a call from Finlay, who told the couple he had a week to decide whether the company would follow “another option”. He declined the Journal’s request for comment.

A self-employed worker at the time of the grant placed his house $ 194,000, he said. Cameron County, which oversees the Boca Chica group, valued the house for $ 34,473 when SpaceX provided this, but according to a website page that the review has risen to $ 141,573 by 2021, the magazine said.

This seems to be in line with public claims that they also feel pressured by government officials to take over their space in SpaceX. Officials and government officials have been kneeling down to meet SpaceX’s demands – no doubt the bosses will be so happy. anger and its pulling the activities of the company. Texas has provided approx $ 20 million incentives SpaceX is increasing its presence in the world. And Musk seems to be retaliating: In March, he sent a promise to donate $ 20 million to Cameron County schools and $ 10 million to the state’s largest city, Brownsville, to redevelop its area.

However, in the meantime, residents of Boca Chica Village appear to be being beaten. Explosion from rocket testing tests are broken house windows, garbage disposal, and so on fire, according to people who spoke to the Journal. At the start of the protests, locals say workers at SpaceX are leaving warning birds to get out of their homes in case they happen. The company has also offered to accommodate them at the hotel when you start, even a distance of 40 miles (fuel and food costs are not included).

Once the plan is in place, district officials close several access points to protect public health and safety. This includes a nearly 8 mile stretch of coast, the National Wildlife Refuge, and the only road to Boca Chica. Citizens told the Journal that closures related to the launch had left them on the rocks for hours and SpaceX security guards had followed them by car to their homes.

County Judge Cameron Eddie Treviño told the Journal that the government “does not work and will not work with SpaceX to harass any occupant to leave the Boca Chica region.”

“We want SpaceX to do well, but not to hurt people,” he added. “If he thinks he’s taking a road or a beach, he’s wrong.”

However, the region has also considered a priority to protect the citizens of Boca Chica Village, he said in an interview with the retailer.

“You do not want the people around the ships to be tested and arrived. We do not want anyone to be harmed,” he said. Treviño told the store.

According to Texas law, that in addition to Boca Chica Village, SpaceX must prove to the government that more than 200 people live in the area and gaining more votes. When they win, SpaceX officials can defend the power of a higher authority, which can be used to bring out the rest strong and, yes, Build Musk its modern company. The man kale has given an idea to use bondage to others to fulfill his lifelong dream on Mars, so who cares if few Earth finds broken for doing this?

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