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Elon Musk drops $ 1.1bn in shares of Tesla

Elon Musk sold its shares of Tesla for about $ 1.1bn Wednesday, days after promising to earn 10 percent of its value as Twitter users. voted for him to sell.

The discarded, revealed in the day-to-day management notes, was made under the guise of blind commercial executives who often use it to avoid suspicions of internal trade, which is used repeatedly to spread the word over time.

Musk has not been silent on possible sales since its announcement in a tweet Saturday to sell 10 per cent, worth $ 18bn, if a Twitter survey agrees with the idea. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The result was almost half of Tesla’s favorites.

Although Musk attracted a lot of interest in appearing to leave Twittersphere if he sold shares, the index showed that he set up a business Wednesday when he adopted a skin business plan in September.

He also said in the past that he expects to sell his large share Tesla taxes that will fall as a result of the billions of dollars worth of choices that must be made by next August.

Wednesday’s report reveals that Musk used the stock at a cost of about $ 2.3bn to end the trade. He paid only $ 13.4m for the selected options, which had a workout price of $ 6.24, compared to Tesla’s closing price of $ 1,067.95.

Musk says he is expected to face more than 50 percent tax on his profits from exercise, meaning he would have to sell more than half of what he earned at the time he decided to do anything to pay his taxes. bilu.

Tesla’s chief executive was silent on Saturday about the importance of paying taxes on the expected benefits. Instead, he wrote on Twitter that he was opening up to Twitter users to decide if they could sell their shares because “much has been made recently due to what happened that did not happen and tax evasion”.

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