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EK Johnston’s Queen’s Hope Cover Cover, Summary

Illustration of Padmé Amidala on the cover of Star Wars: Queen's Hope by EK Johnston.

Seed cover of Star Wars: Queen of Hope and EK Johnston
Figure: Disney / Lucasfilm books

Star Wars: Clone Wars He may have been very focused on the Jedi but at the time it was stressful for cinemas — especially a a senator who secretly married one of the Jedi. This is how Padmé Amidala is in the next book Star Wars: Queen of Hope and EK Johnston. Johnston Padmé’s Third Book is coming November 2 and io9 is honored to reveal not only the final cover but also a summary.

Mu Queen of Hope, compliance with The Queen’s Problems and Queen of the Queen, Clone Wars is still wild. Anakin sanamenyane, and Padmé decides to go into hiding in order to see what the war looks like in the future. They are confused by what they have found. In the meantime while Padmé is far away, his maid Sabé takes over the role of Senator Amidala, and very quickly is forced to make decisions that the maiden may not be ready for.

Below, we take our first look at the amazing cover, drawn by Tara Phillips, followed by a brief introduction from the very beginning Queen of Hope. You can order this book in advance.

Image of the Look Inside Inside Star Wars: Queen's Hope, where Padmé Makes a Tough Decision

Figure: Disney / Lucasfilm books

For the shortest time of his life, Padmé Amidala did not know what to do. He keeps secrets all the time, but this was different. Often, the girls who tell you their secrets also help you keep them. Not only believers, they made him keep them together. And this time, he was alone.

A brief cry from the corner of the room reminded him that this was not entirely true. There were other creatures that kept his secret, though not much. The only problem was that no one could help him right now. At least, he was confident. It didn’t hurt to ask.

“I don’t think you know anything about the design of dresses?” He asked for a blue motel for R2.

He turned his dome back and forth, imitating the human form shaking his head, and wept perhaps more sadly than it really needed. Padmé still thanked him. There was no reason to be rude.

He returned the thought of the cloth in his hands. There wasn’t enough of a new dress, but she didn’t expect this. The fabric has been in her family for several generations, with each person giving her a piece to incorporate into their wedding dress. Even her sister, who chose not to get married, used her share to make clothes for her daughters, indicating that she had received new additions in the family.

It hurt me, a little bit, to do this on my own. Anakin didn’t understand, but didn’t expect him. He understood family, obviously, and wanted to follow tradition. It was clothes they didn’t really know. He appreciated that his compassion moved him to give her time and space to resolve the issue, however. They were a little faster.

R2-D2 came back, and after staring at him, he showed a picture between them. It was a well-known art, one of the windows from Theed Palace that was modified after the Naboo War. This one showed her, when she was a Queen, surrounded by girls dressed in orange. The ideas of the droid were clear.

“I can’t, Artoo,” Padmé told him. This caused him to suffer physically to say this. “What we are doing should be kept confidential. I can’t bring this up. ”

The show was transformed into a HoloNet image taken at successful festivals a decade ago. The queen turned white next to Gungan leader Boss Nass, surrounded by members of her household. R2-D2 focuses on one handmaiden mainly with a strong cry.

“I don’t know, Artoo,” Padmé said. “It’s not fair to ask for help and not give anything away.”

The Droid created a sound that somehow took on a lot of complexity, and the image disappeared.

Padmé looked at his thoughts. She did not ask for help as a queen or a movie this time. This would have been normal and easy. He asked for help if Padmé, and in a way that made it all confusing and complicated. He thought he knew where the limits were, but he didn’t test them often. It was wrong to ask her to help him as a friend. They had spent too much time at work.

But they was friends. What he shared with his maids, present and past, was a deep-rooted affair that encompassed the major aspects of his heart. He relied on Cordé and Versé, though he enjoyed the success that others had gained over his role. Obviously he, Padmé, could ask this.

In making the decision, he took a towel so that he would not stumble over it, stood up, and went on a connecting journey.

Read all when Star Wars: Queen of Hope to know on November 2.

Summary of EK Johnstahead Star Wars: Queen of Hope reprinted with permission. Copyright Disney Books / Lucasfilm.

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