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Edward Snowden’s NFT sold $ 5.5 million in the stock market

A Edward Snowden All online applications he cried has been sold 2,224 Etherium or about $ 5.5 million in a market that lasted one day. Author Make yourself at home, the artwork uses the pages of a well-known ruling that found that the National Security Agency’s crackdown on insanity violates the law to create a whistleblower facial image based on a photograph taken by Platon. It was developed using an open source software, and like other NFTs, it was signed and certified.

Stay Free sales results exceed Jack Dorsey’s previous disbursements ($ 2.9 million) NFT for his first tweet last month. Like Dorsey, Snowden can’t put all the money in the market: the money goes to the Freedom of the Press Foundation, a non-profit organization where he lives as President.

NFTs or non-token tokens are usually pieces of photographs, videos and other digital material that have been signed and certified by the manufacturer. When someone buys NFT, they have a special code that is stored on the blockchain. As we wrote in our own to explain in detail for NFTs, “[Y]ou can repeat the file a thousand times and it will all be the same, but the only one tied to NFT is the real one. ”

While NFTs are able to help artists and producers, many people are beginning to worry about how they affect the environment. When an artist “prints” their work on a blockchain to make NFT, they start a process that uses a lot of electrical power and energy. Journalists’ Rights have vowed to purchase carbon offsets similar to those reported by Snowden’s NFT and to “share the latest developments.”

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