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Ecobee Smart Home Update: Easy Change

The Ecobee smartphone app is a very good companion. You can see everything from live camera views to actual temperature in any room. I can quickly see when my dog ​​jumps on the bed when no one is there (and even yells for him to get out through the speaker in SmartCamera). It can also tell you which rooms are occupied if you are looking for someone else, as a child.

As the most intelligent thermostat manufacturers, Ecobee says you can see a 23% reduction in temperature and cooling due to the efficient use of your HVAC system. I can’t say this, since we set our own as soon as we got in and settled down. It’s easy to see any money on the same device considering how we made it at home.

But I would say that, unlike the high-end home appliances I’ve tried in the past, the Ecobee machine continues to be solid after six months of continuous use, not to mention anything. It also reminds me to change my filters. Good.

Door notifications and moving sensors work well, and there is a way to ensure that they do not always move when your pets move around the house. The camera has matching options.

Edit Possibility

By default, you must manually install or disable the Ecobee system when you leave or enter your home to set off the alarm. Once the intruder enters, the system does not communicate directly with the local police. You have to expect the alarm to go off. I don’t feel comfortable having alarms directly connected to the police (and I probably burden them with fake alarms), which is why this is so helpful for me.

If you can sign up for Ecobee Haven for $ 5 a month, it will build and support you, and it is wise to know that they are the ones entering your home. The function also supports smoke detection (sensors are sensitive, they do not detect smoke) and a 30-day video history so you can save clips. I paid – less than $ 100 a year for cloud video hosting alone was important to me.

If you are worried about what might happen (and you have to be), Ecobee is usually in a good location. He did not have any significant events in two years ago, according to the Mozilla Foundation, and the company also uses it He enters by stealing a platform that allows thieves to deal with potential problems.

Down the line, I want to add an outdoor camera to monitor the large room where I do most of my work, as well as the moving sweets, air conditioning and alarms, and maybe even a lock. From this list, the company is currently making smart sweets, but I look forward to seeing it grow to meet my entire home with a single system.

However, six months in, that’s the starting point for moving into a permanent home.

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