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EA acquires ‘Super Mega Baseball’ maker Metalhead

The program of Super Mega Games the license will now become part of EA Sports’ offerings. Electronic Media has revealed that it has he found Metalhead Software, a Canadian filmmaker behind the list. In the announcement, the companies will add Super Mega Games permission is to re-create new games and experiences together.

Metalhead reassured fans that Reddit post that the existing team will continue and continue to work in its studio in Victoria, BC. It also noted that the size of future changes of Products will be less so as the group continues to perform other tasks.

“[W]EA is behind us, “wrote the author of the program,” and we will have the opportunity for more expertise, more expertise, and a wider audience. For us, this is an incredible opportunity to grow our team in Victoria with expertise with the help of EA, and let’s get involved in some new projects. “The announcement did not specifically mention the new projects we can expect from the developer, only that they will be game titles, too.

This acquisition is another step that EA has taken to complete the EA Sports series. Last year, the titan sport buys Codemasters, The British developer behind many franchises, and also reviving College Football game. The history of EA Sports is inclusive FIFA, Madden NFL, NHL and UFC, as well. As you might expect, however, fans expressed their concerns over what the purchase might mean SMB game. In particular, fans are worried that it will be filled with microtransaction, which has been to bring billions to the company in recent years.

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