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Dutch political leaders were deceived into drastically reducing the video


Dutch politicians have only recently learned about the dangers of trying videos. According to NL Time and De Volkskrant, a Dutch parliamentary committee was deceived into making a phone call by a man who used advanced technology to imitate Leonid Volkov (above), Russia’s opposition leader. Alexei Navalny’s chief of staff.

The culprit was not named, but this may not be the first time. The same impostor chatted with Latvian and Ukranian politicians, and spoke with politicians in Estonia, Lithuania and the UK.

The House of Representatives said in a statement that it was “outraged” at the talks and was looking at ways to prevent such a development in the future.

It does not appear that there has been any temporary damage since the fake phone call. However, it does highlight the potential damage caused by political alliances. A comedian can be a great embarrassment, while a government-sponsored player can fool governments into making bad decisions and ignoring their peers. Careful monitoring methods may be necessary to see in-depth and ensure that everyone involved is genuine.

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