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Drug dealers are changing the ways in which Covid-19 is being prevented

Drug traffickers are changing Covid-19 routes and closing down borders by shifting the use of public transportation to cargo ships and trade chains, say European officials.

Legal experts say the illicit drug market has proven to be “resilient” to the disruption caused by the epidemic as traffickers change their methods and methods of smuggling and increasing drug production in Europe.

The Moroccan cannabis vaccine, which is being imported from Spain and exported to Spain for export in the EU, has moved to a water-based shipping system, the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction said. 2021 Report Wednesday.

The increase in heroin seizures, at sea, which is often smuggled overland from the Middle East to Europe, has also been cited. Severe seizures of cannabis and heroin were reported in several European ports in the second half of 2020, the agency said.

Demonstrating business use, the report states that new types of preservatives appear to have been exported from Chinese companies as bulk powder to Europe, where they are manufactured as finished products including tablets, capsules and liquid e-liquids.

Criminal gangs also encouraged drug trafficking in Europe, the report said. Despite the disruption caused by Covid-19, drug cultivation and drug production within the EU appear to be rigid on the scale of the epidemic. Signs of a growing number of cocaine addicts and drug-related use were also a concern.

“We are seeing a strong and dynamic market that is in line with Covid-19’s restrictions,” said Alexis Goosdeel, director of the Lisbon-based agency. “We’re also seeing more and more drug use, because consumers are exposed to a lot of natural and powerful substances.”

Officials are concerned that increased insomnia and anxiety during the Covid-19 epidemic could lead to more people healing themselves with new forms of peace that are sold by gangs and often marketed as “designer benzodiazepines”.

The drugs are not regulated by international law and are routinely sold in lieu of “legal” alternatives to prescription drugs such as Valium and Xanax, the report said.

Users may not know what they are doing, which increases the risk of death, especially if they are taking alcohol or other drugs, according to the EMCDDA.

“New benzodiazepines are settling in the new pharmaceutical market in Europe,” Goosdeel said. “It looks like a lot of things in this group will continue to appear as users discover new drugs or other drugs that are not available.”

While street markets that were disrupted on the streets were disrupted in early 2020, drug dealers and consumers also changed and increased their use of secret messages, TV programs, online sources and mail and delivery services, the report said.

This raised the question “whether the long-term epidemic could be a continuation of the drug markets”.

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