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Don’t Buy Facebook Ad Stress on iOS 14.5


Last week, Apple was released IOS 14.5, as well as a new feature that has sent online advertisers along the way: For the first time, users are able to tell apps not to monitor their activity on various sites and services. To prevent them from doing this, Facebook and Instagram iOS apps are advising users that tracking helps make the site “free”

This is true; Facebook is an advertising company that benefits by displaying ads that users like to click on. But iOS 14.5 data also puts the issue in a way that shows that Facebook will not make money if it follows, or worse, that Apple’s Tracking Transparency app could force social networking sites to start charging users. Why it is important to know clearly: All of this is not the case.

It’s not that anti-Apple strategies won’t take advantage of Facebook. Evidence is in pushing; the platform has launched a vigorous campaign against these methods, including full-page advertisements in major newspapers in December. (Facebook is not the only one here; advertising companies and their affiliates have opposed this, and the advertising alliance in Germany he complained against Apple.)

Ron Berman, professor of economics at Ron Berman, says: Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He added that Facebook would be having a hard time showing that retailers were linked to unique advertisers, depending on the extent to which information can now flow across pages and apps.

But you shouldn’t look farther than Facebook’s most recent quarterly report, released last week, to see that iOS 14.5 looks like it won’t force the company to go any farther. The company took more than $ 26 billion in the first three months of 2021, and its total $ 9.5 billion was doubled over the same period last year. It is worth more than $ 64 billion and its equivalent. It’s doing well. Even if any iOS 14.5 user stops following it, Facebook will still have more Android devices that can squeeze profits.

It is also not the case that following a ban would result in the ad being completely eliminated. This makes them less important. People aren’t able to click on them frequently, which makes them unnecessary, and outside experts have predicted that Apple’s new features will appear on Facebook. “We’ve seen estimates ranging from about 2% to 7% of Facebook’s revenue loss this year and this seems like a possibility for us, especially at the end,” says Nicole Perrin, senior researcher at eMarketer. However, he adds, the company is expected to increase its advertising revenue despite App Tracking Transparency. According to WIRED’s Gilad Edelman he realized In the past, when third-party data was missing, companies with more of the first-class data were limited. That’s it Google, and it’s Facebook.

Facebook has launched a campaign against Apple’s new secret methods, including intermediate messages.

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