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Donald Trump’s response to the media ban is … blog


Every politician cares for the ends of their jobs differently. Some retired councilors take on social media, some continue their charitable work, and some just go A long walk in the woods. Not Donald Trump, be careful. The 45th (but not the last) American president of the United States focused on what he did best: downgrading everyone’s signatures and the dangerous ideas that come with his online marketing strategy. This has been a bit of a challenge in recent months, how about defending yourself against all English-speaking websites around the world because of its unconstitutional decisions that are criminal and provocative before the January 6 Capitol Hill attacks.

But never again! A few hours already The Oversight Board of Facebook has announced its decision on the issue of whether it would allow the former President to return to his platform, Trump used this approach and revealed his new way of communicating. Get it, Big Social Media! See the glorious gold of From the Desk of Donald J. Trump, a complete page dedicated to giving Trump what he wants: somewhere on the internet where he can complain about how bad the whole internet is and how unfair it is to him.

The site allows Trump to post comments, photos, and videos. According to Fox NewsThe site appears to be run by Campaign Nucleus, a “natural digital tool for managing political and corporate affairs,” built by former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale, owned by Trump threatened to sue.

And true to the style of the former president, this is not going to be online. This is one way to communicate. Trump’s post and we unscrupulous people are supposed to suck his polished breasts for business and political wisdom. Not to mention the good health of the Q-Anon conspiracy and the old fascism.

And yes, before you apply, this site is built in the same way as any other Trump property:

Well, maybe that was a bad example. But who manages the account – who if you remember you also traveled all over the country – knows what they are doing:

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