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Donald Trump may be back on Facebook during presidential elections

Facebook has also reviewed Donald Trump’s “permanent” suspension following comments from the Oversight Board. The company said Trump’s suspension should last for two years, which could give him the opportunity to return to social media to represent the President in 2024.

“Given the magnitude of Trump’s suspension, we believe his actions are a violation of our law,” Global Affairs VP Nick Clegg wrote in a statement. blog post. “We are suspending his accounts for two years, since he first suspended them on January 7 this year.”

Two years later, Clegg said Facebook was “monitoring” the threat to public safety “to determine whether the suspension should be extended or upgraded. it is rising rapidly which could start if Trump commits other crimes in the future, to the point of including removing its pages and accounts, “he wrote.

Last month, the Oversight Board claimed that Facebook had a reason to suspend Trump, but that by suspending the permanent suspension the company was failing to comply with its terms. The commission also said Facebook wanted to “refrain from its activities.”

Now, Facebook says it will have “increased sanctions against civilians in times of violence and violence.” Facebook is also publishing new about his policies “boycotted” and “prepared to cover the news” in response approval of the Board of Oversight. Included with the modified instructions is the principle of banning long-term suspension or permanent suspension when a potential user repeats the offense.

However, Facebook made it clear that it was a matter of – not if – Trump’s connection to Facebook would be restored. Assuming the suspension isn’t large enough, this two-year period will also give Trump more time to re-launch another campaign. The former president and his competitors have said that social networking sites, where millions of people advertise, it was necessary Trump’s victory in 2016. In his remarks, the former President called on Facebook’s decision to Mocking to his voters.

The way Facebook responds to the Oversight Board’s views on the Trump case has been seen as the biggest test the company’s attempt to self-regulate. In a recent letter, Clegg also said the company still wants “common sense rules in the region.”

The Oversight Board, which said last month that some of its members thought Trump should be completely removed from Facebook, did not notice what Facebook had changed. Group then he said “was inspired” by what Facebook did and that “it is now reviewing Facebook’s response to our submissions.”

Edit 6/4 3:37 PM ET: Additional comments from the Oversight Board of Facebook.

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