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Domino Launches New Pizza Delivery Robot in Houston


Domino’s, the most ambitious company constant checking because new ways to get you his pizza, too. To ensure that you do not have his pizza, the company has sent a robot to another store that claims to offer pizza to customers.

It was announced earlier this week, the delivery robot is called the R2 and is an autonomous vehicle that operates without a driver. The R2 is made by Nuro, a self-driving company, although it doesn’t look like your regular car. It is small, for example, and is designed to carry goods such as shopping, pizza, or medicine. Thus, that has not living rooms, living quarters, or steering controls. Plus, I’m electric.

The R2 is the first self-driving vehicle to receive a permit from the Department of Transportation, according to Nuro and Domino.

Currently, Domino is trying to ship privately for R2, and the company is offering the service at a single store in Houston, Texas located at 3209 Houston Ave. The company says it hopes to increase exports to the Houston area in the future.

This is how it works. Select customers who order prepaid on the Domino page will be given the opportunity to have their pizza delivered for R2. These customers are now receiving notifications that allow them to track where R2 is, and even if they prefer, they can also track the robot via GPS on their verification page. Domino sends customers a pin to pick up their R2 pizza when it arrives.

When the R2 reaches its destination, the customer had to place their pin on the robot window. This opens its doors, allowing customers to grab their pizza.

Dennis Maloney, Domino’s vice president and vice president of innovation, said the attempt was to allow the company to see how customers respond when they offer a robot.

“There’s a lot for our nation to learn about autonomy,” Maloney said. “This project will help us understand how customers respond when sent, how they work with the robot and how it affects operations in stores.”

Speaking for myself, I wouldn’t mind getting the money from R2 if it were in my city just to see how it is (I make sure it didn’t fall for anything or that nothing happened). As it tasted, some friends told me that Domino had a terrible pizza, which I’m not sure I agree with. I mean, I didn’t put my hand on the fire because of Domino’s pizza – the pizza restaurant near my house impressed me – but I loved his pepperoni pizza in college.

Domino is not the only active retailer that thinks of offering robots on its own, however. In March, Chipotle he also decided to sell the money to Nuro, saying that Nuro would “change the registry.”


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