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DOD has terminated a $ 10 billion JEDI deal in the middle of a dispute between Microsoft and Amazon


The Department of Defense is blocking their $ 10 billion Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) cloud partnership. The Pentagon said it had “initiated a series of” cooperation “measures in Press release shared Tuesday, saying “The department has determined that, due to changes in the environment, cloud growth, and industrial development, the JEDI Cloud alliance will no longer meet its needs.”

With JEDI, the Ministry of Defense planned to upgrade its IT equipment, but the deal has not improved since the Pentagon gave Microsoft in 2019 due to legal issues from Amazon. One month after JEDI moved to Redmond, Amazon filed a lawsuit against the US Supreme Court, when it analyzed the two companies.

After the trial is over not opened later that year, it was found that Amazon believed it had lost the deal due to interference by former President Donald Trump. According to the company, Trump “used his power to” release Amazon “in the JEDI Contract as part of his public vendetta against Mr. Bezos, Amazon and The Washington Post.”

Following an internal review, the Pentagon’s general manager released a report says it has found no evidence that the Trump administration disrupted the procurement process. At the same time, it also stated that a number of officials in the White House did not agree with the investigation. As such, it could not be confirmed with certainty whether the supervisors affected the process.

As soon as the Security Department announced that they were not making any progress with JEDI, Microsoft released the file for on election. “We understand DOD’s ideas, and we support them as well as any military force that needs the 21st century expertise that JEDI could offer. DOD has faced a difficult choice: continue with what could be a militant for many years or find a way forward,” the company said. “The security of the United States is more important than any other agreement, and we know that Microsoft will do better if the country does better.”

Microsoft went on to say that this section highlights the need for policymakers to look at the complex approach. “20 months after the DOD chose Microsoft as a JEDI partner to shed light on what needs to be done to its makers: if one company is delayed, for many years, to refine the technical expertise of those who defend our country, the demonstrations need to change,” it said.

We came to Amazon because of his response to the project, and we will discuss this when we hear about the company.

In addition to the dismissal, the Pentagon has announced a new multi-company partnership called Joint Warfighter Cloud Capability (JWCC). The organization plans to collect ideas from Amazon and Microsoft. He says this is where the two vendors are best suited to meet their needs, although they are also planning to see if other companies can help improve its IT equipment. Department of Security he was told CNBC and other retailers hoping to offer the first JWCC agreement in 2022, and that the buying process will be more open by 2025. It also said the lawsuits Amazon did were not a major reason to refund JEDI. John Sherman, DOD’s chief executive officer, said.

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