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Doctor Who Flux Spoiler Chat: “The Battle of Sontarans”


Doctor Who Sontaran, helmet under one arm, riding a white horse.

Entering the valley of death, he rode ^ angry potatoes.
Figure: BBC

We did not open on Sunday Doctor Himself for a while, and even when we did, they were a variety of Strax games instead of the slow-and-laser-guns they had when they were re-launched by “Sontaran Stratagem” and “The Poison Sky” ten years ago. Now that he is back, let’s talk about all the things in Sontar’s glory!

The second part of One Doctor: Flux, aptly titled “The Battle of the Sontarans,” drew Doctor, Yaz, and their new ally Dan by the end of the country and the border of the Crimea War, as 19th-century soldiers. The people found themselves against the technical power of the Sontaran Empire. Time is running out WhoNew Sontarans’ new style in style – they have gone to the blue NuWho of their previous generation, instead of silver and gray. And now, well, they look amazingly ugly instead of white, don’t they? It goes back to the old Sontaran ornaments.

Tell us what you think of “War of the Sontarans” in the comments below — and be careful to share them frequently. Doctor Himself repeat tomorrow.

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