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Do You Know How To Get Too Far?

MC: I’m feeling low. I usually sit on my bike so I give them a very wide space, I still don’t trust them.

LG: mmm-hmm. Sometimes I see people texting or Snapchatting driving, and I feel like, yeah, let’s just bring in autonomous cars. But I am also curious, as soon as it is real.

MC: Oh, at least ten years. People like to drive their cars, it will take time.

LG: Well, we can better understand this from our guests on the podcast today.

[Gadget Lab intro theme music plays]

LG: Hello, all of you. Welcome to Gadget Lab. I’m Lauren Goode, a senior writer at WIRED.

MC: And I’m Michael Calore, I’m the editor-in-chief of WIRED.

LG: And today we are reunited with WIRED employee recruiter Aarian Marshall. Pa, Aarian.

Aarian Marshall: Hello.

LG: It’s been a while, and it’s good to be back.

AM: It is better to be here.

LG: So, today we are talking about self-driving cars or self-driving cars. Now, Aarian, you cover all of our movements here on WIRED. And recently at CES, the biggest consumer electronics festival of the year, you spoke to Jody Kelman, the head of the Lyft driving team, and you also spoke to Aubrey Donnelanlan, cofounder and chief executive officer of Bear Flag Robotics. Many people have probably heard of Lyft, probably not so much about Bear Flag, but what you need to know about Bear Flag Robotics is that it now belongs to John Deere.

As a result, they both painted beautiful pictures of how autonomous vehicles can transform anything from cities to agricultural activities, but applying this technology is challenging, as we explained to the WIRED team. They also talked a little bit about how they see how they are used in their AV technology, and eventually they were shipped in a variety of ways, which I think is a challenge that we are struggling with a lot of technology. Aarian, before we go into the negotiations, first tell us a little bit about how the two companies are approaching the management of the supply chain management system management system management system management system management system management system the management of the management of the management of its management.

AM: No. That is why companies are so different and offer very different markets. Lyft is an interesting story because it had their own team of experts in Palo Alto who work in self-driving technology, and last year they sold the business segment to Toyota. So now everything they do when it comes to autonomous vehicles and affiliates with other companies that are developing the technology, to send in the end on their high-end machines. As a result, people like Jody right there are facing questions about who will be using autonomous vehicles? How do they want to use it? Will there be likes and dislikes? Business questions about AVs.

And then the people of Bear Flag Robotics are working with different people, working with farmers, working with ag. And in such situations as well as in many industries, manufacturing, industry-related items, AVs are out and are already working on small, frequently updated tasks, which do not require much thought. driving a car. As a result, John Deere, at CES unveiled a new tractor that has more autonomy and can do more right now.

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