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Discord suspends NFT plans following a public dispute

Discord has no plans to come forward for additional NFT integration, according to CEO Jason Citron. The announcement came Wednesday after days of controversy over the Citron tweet released on November 8. In response to a message from Investor Packy McCormick, chief executive officer of Discord unreleased build and integration of MetaMask and WalletConnect, two cryptocurrency wallet applications. “Maybe nothing,” he said at the time. Monga , then shorthand in the NFT team on something that is about to get bigger. And it was, but almost not the way Citron thought it would be.

His tweet became a magnet for frustrated Discord users who told Citron to cancel their registration on Nitro if the company added a crypto merger. “Guys, I can’t wait to tell my friends that Discord is inspiring at the high cost of the environment, I urge them to cancel their Nitro subscriptions and use competing platforms, “said a Twitter user, briefly summarizing the views of many of the other people mentioned by Citron.” Thanks for the story! “

According to gaming story curator , Citron’s tweet sparked a rift between the staff at Discord and led some studios to threaten to relocate. The backlash was so that by Wednesday Citron and Discord were forced to respond. “Thank you for all the comments,” he said . “We do not have the latest ideas to submit this internal idea.”

In a statement to Engadget, Discord also stated:

“Thank you for all the feedback we have received based on an insider tip that you may have seen in a tweet earlier this week and we want to make it clear that we do not have any ideas for submissions right now. and environmentally friendly projects, which only focus on manufacturers. However, we are also aware that there are some challenges we need to address. We are currently working hard to protect users from spam, fraud and deception. “

The controversy over the possible changes is not uncommon in the software system, but the way Discord users have openly criticized the company’s attempt to integrate cryptocurrency wallets into the public’s interest in the platform. Disagreement on the other hand because it provided a safe haven for people to connect with each other when the country was closed. Most of those people do not want to see the space change.

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