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Discord makes it easy to find servers with live speakers


Late last month, Discord launched Stage Channels, a Similar to the Clubhouse A feature that allows radio servers to broadcast conversations in public without anyone communicating. Now the company is planning to find radios and servers that are easily accessible.

In June, Discord will release a segment called Stage Discovery. You will see as a new feature within the app that will highlight some of the Stages that are published instantly, including those from servers that you already have. You can hit any of them to start listening without leaving the Stage Discovery feature. However, if you can think of a transition, you will find that Discord has made a small but, in his opinion, a very important tweak on the Stage Channel interface. At the top, you will find a new image that you can click or click to join the group that includes the conversations you are currently listening to.


Discord is launching Acquisition Sections as other electronic devices that can be used to increase their volume. “Radio events are great, but they are a window into Discord’s villages,” said Jesse Wofford, chief marketing officer. “We don’t want you to go on forever through Stage Discovery. Our goal is for you to look at obedient experiences as a way to find a new band.”

The launch of the Stage Channel and now a new tool for accessing the discussion comes a year after a major change at Discord. Thanks to the epidemic, the company has seen people flock to its platform. By 2020, the annual user growth rate will double, and now Discord is said to have more than 150 million monthly users and 19 million servers. Last year, Discord relaunched self-transformation, an experiment that continues today, to dedicate itself to its former form as a game-based program. Going forward, you will see that the company continues to put in place the things that allow it to play for a diverse audience. As one example, it is working to increase support for ticket hearings later this year.

At the same time, the company is aware that it is moving away from the visuals that originally appeared but feels like it has built its platform in a way that gives you the opportunity to participate in what you want. “That’s what we think about every day,” says Wofford. “Ultimately, you’re choosing these areas. Although millions of people will join Discord tomorrow, what you know is what you would choose to be.”

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