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Democrat Senates Tell UN Discussion Returns Safely and ‘Very Close’


Markey talks about climate change at a press conference on Capitol Hill, Thursday, Oct.  7, 2021.

Markey talks about climate change at a press conference on Capitol Hill, Thursday, Oct. 7, 2021.
Figure: Alex Brandon (AP)

GLASGOW, SCOTLAND – Several members of Congress came to United Nations climate conference in Glasgow Saturday, the night Congress moved a little closer to the point of finally providing some form of climate change in the form of Build Back Better Act.

Congress passed a bipartisan infrastructure bill, which provides for transition fees but not a clean energy solution. The House agreed to vote it can happen Soon after the UN talks ended on the Build Back Better Act, which contains a history of climate change $ 555 billion. Representatives of the Democratic Senate came out forcefully to the U.S. Supreme Court in Glasgow to announce to the world that Congress had passed the bill, and that the country should establish its position as interim leader. But the history of the bill does not diminish the tensions that exist between freedom fighters who oppose what science really wants.

At a public ceremony Saturday afternoon in Glasgow, Sen. Ed Markey wholeheartedly praised what he called the “process to replace President Biden.” Message: The project is about to pass and the US is doing well.

“We’re going to do the job, and it’s going to make a huge difference,” he said.

Markey is a former soldier of UN conventions go with them Earlier in 2009 he defiled Copenhagen while he was in Parliament. He has also been a regular climate advocate on the Hill, inclusive promoting the Green New Deal in the Senate. Prior to that, he also drafted a major final decree for the Washington, DC, 2009 Waxman-Markey Act. The bill would, among other things, set carbon prices in the US before a fire broke out in the Senate. This means that he is no stranger to the conquest of the climate; being committed to the Build Back Better Act means something else.

There are good stuff you’re doing it the way it is. White electricity tariffs, the formation of the Civil Climate Corps, and the cost of working in bad weather and courage are included in the bill, all of which will be necessary to address the climate crisis. But coal-and-dirty-weapons lovin ‘ Sen. Joe Manchin (and 50 Republican senators who oppose the practice) killed the Clean Electricity Performance Program (CEPP), a section that was the first law. one of the biggest mitigation of climate change by providing benefits that used clean energy and punishing those who did not.

Democrats have found new ways to redistribute money in CEPP to other things, as well as President Joe Biden. promised the Environmental Protection Agency they found a way to generate electricity to clean up their systems. But climate change is still difficult. The Supreme Court is is about to reduce the potential for EPA to regulate the electronics industry, which could lead to the breach of promise. And it raises doubts as to whether the US could reduce emissions in areas where no solar tax would be heard. The Build Back Better Act may be the largest financial backlash in U.S. history, but the history of dragging feet means that what it says is not as bizarre as it sounds.

American human rights activist Jacob Johns, who was in the same group as Markkey, pushed back the happy atmosphere. “It is our responsibility to hold our government accountable,” Johns said, noting that the Biden government was allowing oil through Dakota Access and Line 3 pipes. “When we talk about things, what do we really talk about? Will we talk about how the US is in a different way to illuminate the light? Or will we get better? ”

Earther spoke to Markey after a ceremony in which the senator said the bill was “too close” to be passed, and that significant differences were no longer in place.

“We need to reassure the world that we closed the book during Trump’s tenure, that we are back in business and that we support President Biden’s program and get votes to pass,” he said.

Marky is in a solid position. Mu a op-ed in the same WBUR Prior to climate change, he said “Congress must continue to work for the next few days to achieve climate change” to show the world that the US is important. This did not happen, however. Instead, the world has seen a charcoal sympathetic senator and insignificant Republicans remove the most powerful elements to reduce air pollution. In conversation Yahoo News at the meeting, Markey said that whether Manchin would vote on the bill was “an important question in all of our minds,” and some officials in the Democratic Republic of Glasgow echoed that sentiment, indicating that the process is still in its infancy.

Negotiation does not depend on what is happening or not, but the US is very rich. Next week will show whether Markey and other senators’ certifications are valid worldwide. But what is clear is not enough for the freedom fighters.

“It looks like another greenwashing trip, and it’s all bullshit, and we’re doing a dance, and it’s very frustrating,” Johns said of Markey’s comments after the incident. “They just want everything to be solid right now to say they have achieved something. I don’t want to hear any more.

Brian Kahn helped explain the story.


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