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DC police are plagued by massive ‘release’ after being rescued | Internet Stories


The release is ‘probably the most liberated these days’ for intimidating officials in Washington, DC, the expert says.

The police department at the United States headquarters has jumped on the bandwagon after refusing to comply with a Russian-speaking enemy. Experts say it is the first rescue operation that has been hit by the US police department.

The group, called the Babuk group, released thousands in Washington, DC, Metropolitan Police Department secret documents on the black internet Thursday.

A review of The Associated Press found hundreds of police advisers and intelligence reports that included food for other agencies, including the FBI and the Secret Service.

Ransomware attack has reached epidemics as foreign terrorists destroy computers on state and federal computers, police departments, hospitals and private companies. They want more money to get rid of the theft or to make it invisible online.

Cyberbullying last week closed Colonial Pipes, the largest oil pipeline in the country, which is causing oil prices to rise and shopping in some parts of the southeastern part.

Oil tankers were found at Colinial Pipeline’s Linden Junction Tank Farm on May 10, 2021, in Woodbridge, New Jersey, when a bomb was forced to shut off oil and gas after a bomb had exploded. [Michael M Santiago/Getty Images]

Brett Callow, a forensic investigator and rescue expert at a security company at Emsisoft, said police were losing out as “the most important rescue issue so far” because of the threat to authorities and civilians.

Among the notes were security briefings from other law enforcement agencies about the inauguration of President Joe Biden, as well as mention of an “integrated source” by the military.

One document described the FBI’s investigation into two pipeline bombs left at the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee and the Republican National Committee before Rebellion at the US Capitol on January 6th.

This includes a “huge pull” for cellular platforms, and plans to “analyze the purchase” of Nike shoes by a celebrity, the document said.

The police department did not immediately respond to the AP’s request for comment, but also said that the information of some officers had been stolen.

Some of these have already been published, revealing the details of other officers who were taken from previous operations, including details of their drug use, finances and – once – tortured in the past.

The recently released files also include hundreds of police disciplinary procedures since 2004. The files contain confidential and embarrassing information.

“This is causing panic across the judiciary,” Ted Williams, a former employee of the department now a lawyer, told the Associated Press.

He represents a retired police officer whose back file was included with the original jump.

Williams said having a history of backlogs and criminal files exposed to the public makes it difficult for administrators to carry out their duties.

“When they commit fraud when they know about the police, the fraudsters try to use this to their advantage,” he said.

Babuk’s group has revealed this week that it wants $ 4m to release the files, but was only given $ 100,000.

The department has not said whether it has provided this. Any negotiations can highlight the seriousness of the redemptive crisis, with the police being pressured to consider paying gangs.

The FBI, which is assisting in this case, impedes payment of a ransom.


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