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Dawn: A boring company wants to take us to the beach


It’s too late this weekend for Independence Day (and even then, maybe next year), but the Boring Company wants to take you to the beach in Fort Lauderdale. This is according to a recent report by a machine repair company.

It forms a cable that can connect the town to the beach. The program of Las Olas Loop could be a “new and timeless” way to deal with traffic congestion and its demands, Mayor Dean Trantalis .

The City Commission will vote on the request this week, and approving the request will be a major victory for Boring Company. The Musk-backed company has not been successful so far in terms of setting up connecting cities and has changed its interest. . The only existing canal, in Las Vegas, was established in June.

But hey, who doesn’t want to go to the beach?

– Matt Smith

The widgets and Quick Notes make it new.

Nathan Ingraham / Engadget

Apple has made some minor changes to its iPadOS upgrade. According to Nathan Ingraham of Engadget, they all incorporate what makes the iPad more flexible and adaptable than ever before. But don’t worry, it still looks and sounds like an iPad. In iPadOS 15, there are a lot of new features to release, but they found that widgets and updates on the home screen (many of which iPhone users have seen in iOS 14) make a huge difference to the beta group. Keep reading.

He had over 5.8 million downloads from the Play Store.

Google is trying to monitor (and remove) Android apps itself . Google has removed nine apps from the Play Store after Dr. Web were the trojans who stole Facebook login. Malware had managed to download and download more than 5.8 million downloads and give them easy-to-find names such as “Horoscope Daily” and “Rubbish Cleaner.” There were five types of malware in the mix, but all of them used the same type of JavaScript and color files to move more. Keep reading.

Comes to Disney + on September 22nd.

'Star Wars: A Vision'

Photo by Lucasfilm / Disney

Lucasfilm and Disney have announced that Star Wars: Vision The anthology will be available on Disney + on September 22 and will also feature short videos. You’ll have nine shorts from seven studios, each with unique touches – plus a little less in Japanese culture. Everyone seems to be taking a different approach to Star Wars universe, and it might remind others of The Matrix’s Author of Animatrix coming out, even paying close attention to the anime’s animated movement. Keep reading.

Rear-wheel drive adjustments enable the electric car to move in a more stable position.

Elon Musk has revealed that Tesla is stepping up cybertruck rear-wheel drive to help drive EV with “faster speeds.” It’s a strong response to Hummer’s Crab Mode and Rivian’s tanks RT. Since the size of Cybertruck – which is large even in terms of traffic measurements – assisted by parking and dealing with solid terrain can be good news. Keep reading.

The lack of player coordination is important in the investigation.

The Department of Justice has set up an investigation into the Overwatch League’s low-cost home trial in order to prevent teams from buying a successful solution. The investigation is not a violation of the law, according to a report Dot Games, but DOJ’s probate attorney Kathleen Simpson Kiernan says she is concerned about the lack of player connections that would allow the league to offer the same opportunities as you get in professional league competitions. This study will not cause much controversy over Overwatch’s competitive performance. It shows, however, that it shows the growth of eSports in the US – and the pay for pro-gamers. Keep reading.

The brand also promises support for the Android app.

Half a month after OnePlus announced it would be the lowest version of Oppo, it has been revealed that it is also integrating its OxygenOS with its new parent company ColorOS. The two types have come to the conclusion that “good use [their] shared resources, “which seems to define one of them. OnePlus adds that you probably won’t notice the difference because the changes are taking place in private.

OnePlus’ OxygenOS will remain the driving force behind the OnePlus devices released worldwide. As 9to5Google records, OnePlus phones released in China already have ColorOS and this will be the case. There will be some benefits to this update: OnePlus also promises new and longer Android support. The OnePlus 8 series and the new flagships will receive three major Android updates and four years of security updates in the future. Keep reading.

But wait, there is more …

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