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David Lynch’s ‘Dune’ will be released on 4K Blu-ray in August

When Denis Villeneuve Dulu debuts on HBO Max later this year, it won’t be the first film to follow Frank Herbert’s fictional story. Similarly, this contrast is with David Lynch’s 1984 film of the same name. Dulu it was a serious and commercial failure. He failed to return his $ 40 million budget to the box office, and critics love it Roger Ebert hates it. But for all its flaws, the video has made another religious cult over the years. And come on August 31, Arrow Films will once again show Lynch’s “worst” movie 4K Blu-ray in the US, UK and Canada.

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As Slashfilm saying, The river shall bring forth Dulu in the same types of different colors. The following comes with an additional disc and iron. Either way, you will receive additional information such as a twisted sign and postcard. As for the video itself, it’s a 4K recovery from the original bad camera with the help of Dolby Vision and HDR10. You can listen to the original audio in Stereo Stable or DTS-HD – say what you want throughout the movie, so that Toto’s songs are still ringing. The new features include the responsive responses of historian Paul M. Sammon and Comparison Booth Podcast host Mike White. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Arrow convinced Lynch to write a comment – the director withdrew from the job as soon as he arrived at the theater. However, the company says the list of special items could change from now until release. Dune is is available for re-order today starting today for $ 25.

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