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Dark maps of our nature are very detailed

DES is trying to map as many galaxies as possible to represent dark maps, which is possible because dark gravity plays a key role in regulating the distribution of galaxies. From August 2013 to January 2019, many scientists met to use Victor M. Blanco’s four-meter telescope in Chile to study astronomy near infrared.

There are two keys to the map. The first step is to look at the galaxy’s distribution in the universe. This system convinces scientists where the darkest places are.

Second, I see the gravitational pull of the galaxy, which marvels at the light emitted by galaxies by the blackness of space as it passes through the atmosphere. The result is similar to looking through a magnifying glass. Scientists use the force of gravity to determine the amount of darkness that exists. The light causes the light to be distorted, so the story is very dark.

The latest results reflect the first three years of DES, counting more than 226 million galaxies observed overnight. Supérieure in Paris, one of the activities of DES.

The length of the dark sky map is currently, after the most recent findings. The bright spots represent the darkest parts of the dark, while the dark spots show the shorter.


In general, this description is consistent with the so-called Standard Model of cosmology, which states that the universe was formed in the Big Bang and that all its electrical energy is 95% black and black. And this new map gave scientists a detailed look at the features of black matter that are beyond our control. The brightest colors on the map represent very dark areas, and they form clusters and halos around very small mud.

But some results were surprising. Says Jeffrey: “We’ve got the idea that the whole universe is much more complex than they expected. “These ideas are also reflected in other gravity experiments.”

This is not a prediction of a central union, which suggests that dark objects must be ineffective and not evenly distributed. The writers have written in one of the 30 pages released that “although the evidence is inconclusive, we may begin to see speculations of new science.” For astronomers, “this could be compared to changing the laws of gravity as described by Einstein,” says Jeffrey.

Although its meaning is great, a warning is very important, for we still know a little about dark things (which we need to see directly). For example, Jeffrey stated that “if the outer galaxies are formed in an unusual way because of celestial phenomena, then our observational results may be distorted.”

In other words, there may be missing explanations in the results – perhaps their calculation in ways that are consistent with the larger connections. This can be a great relief to any insane person whose entire career has been set up by Einstein, right. And let’s not forget: great connectivity stands out very well all other tests which has been thrown over the years.

The result is making waves already, even releasing more DES to wait for. “In the past, astronomers have used this map to study the design of the cloud and to understand the connection between galaxies and dark objects,” Jeffrey said. We may not have to wait long to find out if the results are accurate or if our understanding of the universe needs to be rewritten.

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