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Curiosity gives a rare picture of rainy days on Mars

NASA Interesting circles he just saw an event that is rarely seen on Mars: a cloudy day. The agency has done with them images of “bright” clouds (made of bright ice crystals) that first appeared on the page of Interest from the end of January. They will be travelers on Earth, but they are well-known in the world with very thin air and have found themselves to find their own.

The mission team has confirmed that these clouds are the highest in Mars, floating over 37 miles[37 km]of glaciers. This raises the possibility that dry ice clouds formed by glacial carbon dioxide, and could reveal much of the Martian sky.

NASA / JPL-Caltech / MSSS

NASA realized that the clouds were easy to see with Curiosity’s black and white moving cameras, but that the mast-shaped camera emits very good light.

This may not be the best an amazing event on Mars in the meantime. It does, however, serve as another reminder to the world they are not permanent images. Mars is a powerful planet with ever-changing climates, though it may not be as exciting as it once was.

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