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Cummings reveals Johnson’s message that Hancock’s efforts are ‘hopeless’

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson also blamed the failure of his health secretary, Matt Hancock, to increase the number of early coronavirus tests for the virus as “hopeless”, according to confidential information from his former adviser.

Dominic Cummings released devastating WhatsApp messages on him blog Wednesday. He alleges that Johnson considered firing Hancock in a message he sent to his former colleague on April 27 2020, revealing that he thought the supply of firearms was “a disaster”.

Johnson added the message: “I can’t think of anything but to take Hancock and put it [Michael] Go ahead. ”

The comments contradict Downing Street’s claim that “the Prime Minister has every confidence in the secretary of health”, which reflects Johnson’s skepticism of Hancock’s potential during a health crisis.

Downing Street Wednesday reported: “[No 10] it cannot be prepared to do whatever it says. The Prime Minister has also stated that next year we will ask legitimate questions. . . our goal is to recover from the epidemic, ”he added, adding that Johnson had full confidence in Hancock.

“The Prime Minister has worked closely with the health secretary for the epidemic and will continue to do so,” the 10 said.

In his letters, Cummings said Johnson had “a clear idea to leave as soon as possible a few years after the next election”, adding that “he wants to make money and have fun and not ‘go overboard’.” No 10 has denied this as “nonsense”.

In May, Cummings revealed in the press that he often wanted Hancock fired for failing and “false” at the beginning of the epidemic. Hancock said he refuses telling him any lies Johnson.

A second WhatsApp switch from March 27 2020 showed Cummings complaining that the health department had rejected a price tag. Johnson replied: “It is Hancock. There is no hope. ”

A third exchange took place on the same day showing Cummings complaining that the US went from 2,200 tests a day to 27,000 to 100,000 just two weeks later. Hancock, by contrast, was “skeptical” that the UK would reach 10,000 tests a day the following week, according to Cummings.

Johnson replied: “There is no hope.”

Hancock finally set the 100,000 daily test in early April, where he met a month later.

Britain’s failure to test the problem has been criticized by the government.

One of Cummings’ most destructive ideas was his idea that Hancock convinced Johnson that all people moved from hospitals to care for homes already tested, which did not happen. Hancock defended himself, insisting that testing take place only when it was complete.

Cummings said in his blog that Downing Street had forced Hancock to set up a massive test of 100,000 tests every day.

“Hancock is developing a new type of experiment as he came up with an idea to try it out before March 14,” he wrote, adding: A / herd immune system week 16/3 according to community testing was pointless. ”

Former assistant last month criticized Johnson A riot controller and useless in response to an epidemic that left thousands dead unnecessarily.

In his blog, he wrote: “If No10 is ready to lie too deeply on the most important issues of life and death last year, it would not be reliable here on Covid or any other important issue related to war and peace.”

Hancock announced this week that raising residential standards will be rescheduled for July 19 so that the NHS can provide 50 patients, health workers and those most at risk.

Commenting on questions from Prime Minister Keir Starmer, the Labor leader said Johnson’s “infidelity” in placing India on the red travel list has led to the UK’s spread to the Delta which was first recognized in India.

“The British people did a little bit, following the rules and being vaccinated. But the Prime Minister ruined them by releasing new ones in the country,” he said.

Health care advisers warned early Wednesday that the spread of the Delta genocide has contributed to the proliferation of new diseases and hospitals in the UK.

“What we are seeing now is about 7,000 to 8,000 infections a day. . . But we know it is less than half the number of diseases in the area, “Susan Hopkins, Deputy Director of Public Health England National Infection Service, told members of the select committee.

He added that without vaccination or public vaccination, fertility rates could rise to 7 nationwide, meaning that for every 10 people infected with the coronavirus, another 70 became infected.

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