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Credit Suisse is battling to prevent the exit when the top US arms manufacturer leaves

The U.S. Attorney General of Credit Suisse has resigned, a recent employee to leave a Swiss bank, which is struggling to retain top talent following a series of scandals that have disrupted staff interest.

Greg Weinberger, who has been running a merger and acquisition business at Credit Suisse since 2019, will join Morgan Stanley later this year, say people familiar with the matter. He worked for a bank for over 25 years.

Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley declined to comment on the move, first reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Weinberger’s idea, which serves as an advisor to several US corporations including DRM, follows the banking system following the backlog of Archegos Capital and Greensill Capital.

Earlier this year, the Corporate Governance and Risk Management Agency lost $ 5.5bn in an explosion at Bill Hwang’s family home in Archegos. Investors who did not participate in the case were outraged by Credit Suisse he would have said the best quarter for at least a decade, driven by major markets and M&A business acumen.

The stock market crash followed the closure of a $ 10bn investment fund at Credit Suisse linked to a financial group held at Greensill Capital. It can cost bank customers around $ 3bn and is being investigated by regulators around the world.

As a result, Credit Suisse’s bank manager, Brian Chin, left the bank along with risk manager and successor Lara Warner. Leaders of executives of large corporations were also removed.

New chairman António Horta-Osório has promised to reduce the size of the repayment bank, restructure the culture and Risk recovery. The prospect of further cuts and alterations has led many employers to seek employment elsewhere, say a number of individuals within the lender.

Several Wall Street retail banks, both bulge bracket and retail outlets, have told the Financial Times that they have been killing and receiving inquiries from Credit Suisse banks seeking employment. The man who recently left said: “No one wants to be the last to stand up.”

Other victims of the mistake include the chief financial adviser, Alejandro Przygoda, who traveled to Jefferies with several members of his team. Two major banking executives, Andrew Conway and Charles Habib, left last week to join Bank of America with Morgan Stanley.

Barclays has hired a professional credit specialist for Credit Suisse and media adviser Ihsan Essaid, who will be M&A’s chief executive of Bank of Investment in the United States.

Over the past decade Credit Suisse has developed a large M&A business, advising them on a number of key issues, including DRM. $ 13bn earning of a powerful force at US Noble, and Charles Schwab’s $ 26bn deal to buy credit on US TD Ameritrade.

In an effort to retain selected employees, Credit Suisse has been offering savings bonuses, according to a number of experienced individuals.

However, the law has caused internal turmoil due to the lack of generosity and feasibility, with supervisors and party leaders putting them ahead of the common people, the people said.

Shares in Credit Suisse have fallen 16% this year – compared to a 32% increase in Morgan Stanley and a 15% gain for UBS homeowners – hurting some of the workers who have seen their pay rise recently fall.

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