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Creators Who Linked To The Disruption In The Plague System To Be


Tyson and Miranda and Dylan add some collaborative content to their Twitch streams, while their audience will be able to direct their experiences through voice chat. Think of this as a video discussion video. Regardless of the epidemic, members of the group “all are” on Twitch. Now he has ambitions to make the process even bigger, either end up making ideas or working with Netflix or Adult Swimming. “I think the only way we can go back is to show off, except for what we already have before the epidemic, if the need arises,” Tyson said.

However, actor, podcaster, and comedian Paul Scheer, you may know Agreement or Veep, he just found Twitch as a plague, when he looked for another place to play and showed his potential when the world was closed. He looks to find his people, he says. “I did YouTube, and it looks like the audience was behind the wall. Then I use Instagram, and I feel like I’m shopping on the window. Twitch just feels like you can relax.”

He originally joined Twitch under his own name, bringing in a friend, teammate and actor Rob Huebel (who had roles in Children’s Hospital and Agreement), and the two started making a Twitch show for their show, Accidental Testing. When Scheer began to bring in some of his friends to join them, he eventually changed his name Friend zone, making it a place for Scheer and his friends from all companies to try out.

After talking to him, Scheer spoke enthusiastically about the connection between the audience and the producers on Twitch. “I think people want this connection,” he says. “But I say, it’s not a compulsion – when I think a lot of TV companies are trying to sell this idea of ​​’connect with your fans, stay with your fans,’ and by all means visibility you connect with them, but you are not. ”

Although Scheer is still working during the epidemic, he does not want to stop swimming if life suddenly returns to normal. Not only do they see Twitch as a way to open up new audiences around the world without the hassles of movies and TV shows, there is “fun and play,” as they explain, which people don’t get from big things.

Scheer says: “I think that whenever we have a serious problem, we just walk away and say, ‘OK, we’ll keep this for ourselves,’ ‘Scheer says. “I think there will be a lot of things we keep that are good from the epidemic.” They see the spread of the plague as something that manufacturers can add to their list of tasks and skills, and they should not stop. “Maybe we’ll come back and sing it in a few episodes. But that doesn’t mean people from Minnesota or Australia can go to the shows. So why not keep doing it? It’s just another way. ”

Of course, in difficult times, people still need to escape and connect, and the latter is something that traditional television cannot always offer. Whether or not most entertainment companies have a residue to see. Scheer explains: “When they realize that they can make you money by doing this, they start cheating, but the truth is, if you try to make money, I don’t think it helps.”

Robertson, aka Robbotron, also mentions Twitch’s “unknown heroes” and those who moved to the platform many years ago, such as Melanie Clark, aka HerNameIsMobile. He has been streaming for three years and has a strong team and a regular schedule on the platform. In the midst of the epidemic, Clark launched a new project called Virtual Lunch Club, as a way to commemorate lunch during the working day, Monday through Friday. “What started out as my needs turned out to be our community and people who found me already had an anchor in their closing days,” he says.


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