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Cracks appear on Netanyahu’s clothes as the last day approaches


In the last four elections in the last two years, Benjamin Netanyahu has managed to hold on to one important thing for a great politician – the inevitable atmosphere.

But two days before the clock was due to end in a test of consensus after a March investigation, Israel’s prime minister appeared on the scene.

His rightful alliance with the two non-61 seats in Knesset and three weeks of public scrutiny, previous talks with parliament have failed to oust the Prime Minister’s camp five times.

If they fail, the President after May 4 will appoint an opposition leader – perhaps Yair Lapid, a former radio presenter and centrist party leader Yesh Atid – to try to form a coalition. Opposition groups called for Netanyahu’s ouster and appear to be mobilizing for a new government, aided by Islam. imitating the Muslim Brotherhood.

Israeli freedom fighters have been talking about the political death of the country’s most powerful leader since the inauguration of President David Ben-Gurion. “Have you ever seen birds in Jerusalem?” an adult inside Likud who wrote jokes in letters to FT. He walks around the Prime Minister’s house, “Balfour House right now.”

But when Netanyahu’s election was cut short, he is a skilled craftsman, So said Dahlia Scheindlin, a former archaeologist. “One of the reasons he wins, [is] “Because he fights every war, before the election and before the election, whether I am fighting for life or death,” he said. “As a chess player, he always thought of surpassing everyone else, but now, other players know him.”

Ra’am leader Mansour Abbas in the midst of Israeli elections © Amir Levy / Getty Images

Reflecting what some see as his desperation, Netanyahu’s camp has issued a resolution such as Putin’s leadership, where he can temporarily cover his loyalty to the prime minister, while remaining in a legitimate house. (“The Medvedev Solution” reported the Times of Israel, referring to the former Russian Prime Minister). Nominated by Benny Gantz, whom Netanyahu last year persuaded to join the coalition government but went to vote for Gantz before becoming Prime Minister. Gantz says he refused.

But while Netanyahu appears to have been suspended, it is not clear whether the Prime Minister’s opposition is enough to resolve their disputes.

In the run-up to the marathon they have not yet agreed on almost any issue – the size of the cabinet, which could be the first to go to the local Prime Minister, how to persuade Netanyahu’s excessive colleagues at the Likud camp and among them will take over the deal after May 4.

Perhaps the biggest challenge he faces is the one that has already defeated Netanyahu. Ready between the election in Israel and Ra’am, a separate group of five Arab councilors who have spent decades of traditional culture signing a petition to support the Zionist government.

On the contrary, Leader of Ra’am Mansour Abbas has established two simple rules – his party will be respected and the ruling party will provide more funding to schools, hospitals and police in northern Israel. “Anyone who gives me respect and legitimacy, contacts me and asks me what I want from the Arab party – I’ll go with him,” he said last week.

Netanyahu’s right-hand camp includes anti-Arab Jewish religions. They are hoping to join Ra’am in making Netanyahu the ruler, calling for Abbas voters to support the terrorists.

Lapid and Naftali Bennett, Netanyahu’s former prime minister, hopeful prime minister and leader of Yamina, a strong, pro-democracy party, have never met Abbas. But when they met to discuss local government elections, members of their political parties were still unsure.

“Netanyahu is the weakest in his career, but that doesn’t mean he can’t achieve the partnership that would help him,” said Abraham Diskin, an emerging professor of political science at the University of Hebrew in Jerusalem. . “People are eager to try different approaches, because the prospect of a fifth election is not good.”

The delay in the show is Netanyahu’s case against corruption, which could take months to resolve and many years before the appeal is final. Netanyahu calls the trial a witch hunt, but daily listening adds to the claim that he received valuable gifts from wealthy friends and wants to reward the journalist for asking for good and supervisory things. He denied everything.

In a bid to cut costs, Netanyahu last week ruled in favor of the attorney general to continue appointing a trustworthy man as the new minister of justice in his subordinate state. He changed his mind when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the attorney general.

The incident underscored the fact that the elections were a continuous process and that the struggle for power had affected Israeli institutions, said President Reuven Rivlin. “For a long time, we have been under the guise of campaigning for elections and other elections, but it seems that. . . Another wall collapsed, ”said Rivlin.


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