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Covid’s Unidentified Case in ‘Peaceful Place Part II’

When I looked A quiet place in theaters, three years ago, like many I was not intimidated by the temporary feeling of the end of the horror film. Last week, I saw it Secure Place Part II, it was the first time in my life that I had ever been in a theater or in a crowded room. His experience touched my heart, but I was unsurprisingly aware of how, in a film about silence, I was clearly told how to do it. noise the video is. The whole noise – the sound of popcorn, the sound of tight jeans against vinyl chairs, the sudden cry – made me better aware of the presence and closeness of my moviegoers. The thought of the video, these words can kill me; in the sense of our reality, until a few months ago, even their respite could do the same.

Watching a movie a year later becoming a global epidemic is a magical practice. Vignettes of deserted street markets and shopping malls also showcasing the latest reality of our real dystopics under Covid-19.

This follows, perhaps, that Secure Place Part II has been criticized for not being a fictional character – perhaps for being very dedicated to the truth (strange concept of a video of the beast) or not giving enough information on characters or ghosts. Many critics seem to have forgotten that the video was about to be released before the plague struck. The film was shown in New York on March 8, 2020, but has repeatedly been delayed due to Covid’s release. The video, which was released before the epidemic, was unaware of many of the problems we had encountered, making their definite release temporary.

Already aware of the origin, the audience is made to hear the next sound, and the video directs itself better. Frightened by a plastic water bottle, we hear the roar of a car engine, we gasp at the pounding of shoes. The video plays subtlely and subtly, subtly so as to make it appear invisible and unintelligible – making it silent if there are no words at all. it cannot be he heard. The “silence” of the earth, for example, is magnified by bringing great relief and amplifying the surrounding noise: bird songs, cicadas, humming leaves. Our world, even without us, is not silent.

I do not want to defend the original and controversial politics. If the first video can be read as a comment on pure fear of the nations, the second eliminates this possibility. Surprisingly, people of this type Pt II They are made to appear ignorant and to be used as worthless goats, or they are sacrificed as survivors for the survival of the Abbott family. No one can help but remember Nancy Pelosi dangerous gaffe in reference to George Floyd’s death as his “judicial sacrifice” In addition to the extraordinary respect, trust, and love of guns in the first film, there is respect for the future of childbirth: Evelyn (who played Emily Blunt) trembled, “Who are we, if we cannot defend [our children]? Even the ill-fated Blunt emerges politely – if briefly – in all the glory of “Karen” when she wants her former neighbor who had real bones in her room, Emmett (Cillian Murphy), risking her life to bring her daughter to her.

But the video also answers important questions. As soon as the Abbott family gets a chance to have Emmett on an abandoned iron ore, they don’t want to help them. Instead, it has returned to complete isolation so that the airless furnace becomes its proper place and symbolically internal – which protects against drying out. It’s these very problems Quiet Location I and II dig deeper: Gun shooting can save your life, but it always draws more deadly creatures. The United States and many other countries have recognized this during the epidemic as many people have experienced problems such as mental illness and domestic violence; on the contrary, the immediate opening up or other events that seem to be encouraging at the life-giving level eventually led to dangerous waves, and even death. Emmett’s sanctuary stands as a symbol of self-sacrifice and refusal to participate in the world. The philosopher Isaiah Berlin throws two types of freedom: good and bad. Insignificant freedoms refer to the absence of restrictions on human rights, while true freedom means the ability to take action to improve one’s life. Real freedom, however, is a distraction: In an oppressive system, one is able to change one’s beliefs, to assure oneself that one’s desires have been weakened, to return to the “inner security” in which one is content. This is what Emmett has done, and the power of the video is available so that he and we can realize that what is needed in the event of a disaster is different.

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