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COP26 negotiations have passed the deadline as negotiators try to end the deal

Negotiators were scrambling to find an agreement on climate change on Friday at the UN climate summit but divisions remained to remove oil, as well as between rich and poor countries.

After almost two weeks of negotiations, the UN COP26 target in Glasgow has narrowed down to a number of important issues in coal, oil and gas as well as economic assistance to developing countries struggling with global warming.

The talks lasted until 6pm on Friday and appear to be coming to a close as weekend ministers from about 200 countries try to make it happen.

The most recent transaction notes – known as “cover options” and published the first Friday – changed the line of “immovable” and “incomplete” power lines to help dissolve waste oil. The previous model had all the costs of coal oil and fossil fuels.

China’s climate exchange chief Zhao Yingmin told a UN conference Friday that the latest publications had “some changes” and provided a “good foundation” for some of the talks.

But he also said that countries need to decide for themselves when it will be possible to establish new emissions standards and to be more specific in need of funding for developing countries to adapt to climate change.

China has been pushing for a change in carbon emissions every year instead of every five years.

Ayman Shasly, Saudi Arabia’s chief executive and chairman of the Arab League at a previously held Chinese summit in Saudi Aramco, told the conference that the current situation was “helpful”.

“The big conversations we hear are about aspirations [for] to keep 1.5 alive, then there is no problem, we all know that in the room, no one is protesting in the room, “he said, referring to global warming.” The question is how do we do this. ”

But the remaining divisions were made clear when EU climate analyst Frans Timmermans told the UN that it needed to send a clear message banning the investment in fossil fuels and ending “turning the page on coal”, comments received with applause.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry also received a recent report saying that the issue of using “stagnant coal” and “insufficient funds”, should remain. He also called on the UN to increase funding for reforms – money that poor countries can afford to deal with climate change. He said: “It is unrealistic to expect that you will bring in money.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said his government, which hosted the conference, was “changing the heavens and the earth so that everyone in the world could see the need for unity”.

“We can’t take everything from COP26, but we have to start,” he added.

Outside the rally, there were other demonstrations in the wet streets, where campaigners were outraged by the idea of ​​lowering the volume on burning oil.

“At the moment we do not need to talk about climate change,” said Mitzi Jonelle Tan, founder of Youth Advocates For Climate Action Philippines.

“Journalists and leaders of the country, who call themselves leaders, are beating themselves up in vain, they still think that climate change is the problem of the future, they still think it is not happening today. . . as if it were a distant future, ”
He told the protesters who were happy outside the stadium.

“They are not talking about the changes that are needed today and the damage and damage that is happening today.”

Neil Hume, Leslie Hook, Camilla Hodgson and Jim Pickard

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