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Consumer Reports is now rewarding drivers ’attention, but Ford is the only GM to pass

With many car manufacturers including their own automotive assistants, Consumer Reports is changing the way the cars move. Starting this year, the site will add two points to the overall car rating if its driving support system promotes better driving. Going forward, it will also remove points from all traffic hazards if it finds that the opposite is true, starting with two points in 2024 and then four points in 2026 and beyond.

“We hope it is time to identify the vehicles that have found the safest way to use this technology,” said Jake Fisher, chief executive of Auto Test Center. In his own mind, Consumer Reports he says a complete driver-control system is one that “can detect” the driver if he or she is not paying attention and informs them about this. It adds that the system should amplify those warnings and eventually stop the car if it finds that it is not responding.

Consumer Reports said it would also consider the automaker’s privacy when monitoring the driver’s monitoring system, and may not provide additional updates at any time. The result is that privacy protection is necessary to persuade drivers to use the interface.

Outlet will set new layout guidelines when unveiled his 2022 Advanced Traffic Options on February 17th, but provided an initial overview of what to expect on Thursday, recognizing only cars from Ford and GM that had received additional information on their driving support. The sites say BMW, Ford, GM, Tesla and Subaru all claim their machines can detect and prevent drivers’ negligence, but they say they found “serious flaws” in the machine in its tests.

Apart from mentioning the automaker, Consumer Reports did not call Tesla directly, but the two have . In 2020, Consumer Reports set Autopilot to be “”To the GM Super Cruise. At the time, it claimed the GM system was well-informed about drivers’ imminent withdrawal, and the use of an automaker’s infrared camera to monitor the driver led to a degree of security.

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