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Comment by Yoto Player: Beautiful Speaker Designer Cube

Thorn question of how many time to cover the children should find he hangs every parent like a rain cloud. Kaya worries abound or not, to get other children’s jobs he heard essential. There is a world of games and electronic devices that are designed to free your children from visual abuse, but few are the ones who promise. Enter: the Yoto Player.

It’s a wireless speaker, but the difference is that you can buy audiobooks on physical cards. Your child inserts the cards into the top of the Yoto Player to start listening, such as putting a cartridge inside Comfort from old school games. It’s not just audiobooks, but meditation and bedtime stories, minimalist radio, podcasts, and sound sleep deprivation. All of this doesn’t come without a screen – there’s an excellent pixel display that combines like a watch.

The goal is for kids between the ages of 3 to 12, so I asked my 8 year old son to try out Yoto Player. They immediately fell in love.

Super-Cute Cute Cube

It helps make Yoto Player look more beautiful. It’s a beige cubic with a wedge on the back that makes it look like a small cottage when you put it on the floor. In front of it are a clear picture of the pixels with orange buttons on the left and right that act as short switching modes (more on the back). Highlight with the button at the bottom right corner.

Photo: Simon Hill

The borders around the giant-shaped back can light up a variety of colors to act as a night light, which is great. There are talking grills on both sides, the top of the card holder, and a circular saw blade that connects the magnet to the charger. It weighs a little over a pound, and is ideal for children. Soft plastic that is made to feel like it can survive sticky fingers and a strange fall or two,

My daughter immediately developed a love of pixel graphics on the front, which show the time available and switch to display similar images while playing. Then the real recording here – Yoto Player supports a lot of audio books, and each one is physically connected plastic card is the same size as the credit card.

The library is solid, content from the past as Winnie the Pooh and Julia Donaldson’s works for young children to Wimpy Kid’s Notes, Treasure Island, and Roald Dahl for a little older. Prices for these cards range from $ 6 to $ 12, which I think is expensive, but they are compatible with reasonable book prices.

The beauty of the cards is that your children can choose the story they want to hear and set up a card to listen to. Everyone comes in a pocket with adhesives on the back so you can hang them on the wall. We have a list of audio books on sound, but if my daughter wants to listen to a talk, she should ask us. The physical cards with Yoto Player give even the youngest children an organization.

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