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Colonial pipelines are back, but oil shortages can remain | Internet Stories


As the Colonial Pipeline resumes shipping, the US faces a new roadblock: a shortage of petrol drivers.

Drivers who are experiencing fuel shortages in some parts of the US East and South may find that it takes several weeks for power outages to return to normal.

Now that Colonial Pipeline Co has re-launched the suspension offerings for about a week with cyberattack, the companies are facing a new challenge in terms of existing fuel shortages: insufficient drivers to transport fuel and diesel from distribution to distribution points.

As of Friday morning, about 87% of oil in Washington, DC, had no oil, 42% in Maryland and 30% in Florida, according to retailer GasBuddy. While exits are relatively low in North Carolina and South Carolina, more than half of each area is oil-free.

“Most polling stations need fuel, not enough fuel in the house, not enough fuel,” said Patrick DeHaan, head of gas analysis at GasBuddy, on Twitter. “Most of the countries that have these trips continue to buy in fear, which seems to be helping them to reduce it gradually so far. It will take weeks.”

Colonial Pipeline Co paid nearly $ 5 million to Eastern European traffickers to address threats that shut down oil, diesel and jet pipelines along the US East Coast. The increase, which took place weeks before the start of the summer season, left some retail stores frozen in more than 10 locations and pushed global pump prices to more than $ 3 gallons for the first time in six years.

One of the largest distributors in North America said the shortage will continue due to the lack of freight trucks.

“It will be seven or ten days before consumers see a temporary change,” said Andy Milton, vice president of Mansfield Energy Corp., whose company operates more than 3 billion gallons of oil a year in the US and Canada.

Mansfield has brought traffic to areas affected by long-distance demand such as Minnesota and Texas. “A car that’s going to be a big problem,” Milton said.

Many motorists have stopped refueling during the epidemic. Now, companies are rushing to rewrite them. As recently as last week, Pilot Corp. was offering $ 5,000 bonuses to sailors to donate to its stores and is said to be able to enroll 200 people before the summer season.

The devastating hurricane that caused paralysis in Texas in February followed by the closure of the colonies has made it difficult to get back to the Mansfield network.

Milton comments: “I keep hoping that there will be no storms. “This could have caused me to change my job at that point.”

As of Thursday, colonial sources in the south were less than half the power, according to people familiar with the matter. Oil traders have been paying each other for access to the pipeline, the first time since the plague.

To address these issues, Biden’s management issued a license to Jones Act to companies including Valero Energy Corp. which allows foreign tankers to send oil to the US East Coast.

Ever since the settlers resumed operations, a French oil tanker diverted to the US Atlantic Coast has now relocated back to the Gulf Coast. On Thursday, a European cruise ship bound for the Bahamas arrived in Savannah, Georgia to lower its diesel.


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