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‘Colette’ Oscar winner is the first in the video market


Few notes Colette won the Oscar last night, the first in the video game industry, and it took a strange way to get there. The film was originally produced by Oculus Studios and EA’s Respawn Entertainment as part of the first VR game show Medal of Honor: Above and Behind. According to Medal of HonorHistorically accurate, players can unlock short “Gallery” videos about WW II fighters as they continue the game. Among these is a 24-minute clip on Colette Marin-Catherine.

Directed by Anthony Giacchino, the film tells the story of Colette, who is now 90 years old and one of the last survivors of French Resistance. After the war, he refused to go to Germany, but was eventually attracted to a young student, Lucie Fallen. Once there, he was taken to the Nazi concentration camp, where his brother, Jean-Pierre, was executed.

It was later found and distributed by Supervisor, Colette received the award for best feature film at the Big Sky Festival, making it a worthy Oscar. After the filming, it was not the first Oscar tied to the movie industry, but the first SupervisorThe Notes Section.

“The real hero here is the same Colette, who shared her story faithfully and powerfully,” Oculus Studios director Mike Doran said in a statement. “As we see in this film, rejection requires courage, but facing the challenges of the past can take a lot. Allowing us to keep this journey for generations to come was courageous and interdependent.” Pano.

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