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City of London companies commission office staff

London-based finance companies have begun calling for office workers a day after the UK government issued a directive for employees to work from home.

Banks such as Goldman Sachs and HSBC, along with law enforcement agencies, counselors and insurers, have scrapped plans devised before the government unveiled a Plan B ban in December to curb the spread of the Covid-19 Omicron. This spread rapidly throughout the country, but now a high number of hospital and hospital admissions seem to have taken place. passed through the capital.

While forced to wear masks in public places, homework and vaccination passports in large areas expire after January 26 in England, government guidelines in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will remain in place at home if possible.

Goldman Sachs has asked 6,500 London employees to return to office immediately, but will still require them to wear masks when walking around the house and a standardized test every week, a spokesman said.

A Wall Street Citigroup colleague informed employees that they should come “at least three days a week” – points similar to those already on Plan B – from now on. She will continue to have blood tests on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and should wear masks in high places.

“Now we are free to gather in our offices, without hindrance, where we can create the strength and spirit of cooperation that Citi is doing well… We look forward to seeing you!” David Livingstone, Europe’s chief executive, said in a memo to all employees in the UK.

The return of hundreds of thousands of workers to London and other cities will provide much-needed encouragement to businesses that have been hit hard by the travel crisis over the past two years.

HSBC said workers began returning to its offices around the country Thursday. From January 27 they will no longer be required to wear face masks in offices or branches and the indoor gymnasium will be reopened. The bank has resumed business operations in line with international requirements for isolation and testing, was added in the memo.

Likewise Standard Chartered has asked employees to come next week, but added that the adjustment plans revealed last year are still in place for most employees.

The accounting and technology company EY, which employs about 17,000 people in the UK, said that from Thursday “all desks will be available for use, the use of blinds is optional, and meeting rooms will be fully operational” with its offices in England.

Kevin Ellis, chairman of the UK and chief executive of Big Four accountant PwC, acknowledged the reduction in sanctions and said staff “appreciate the time with colleagues, and the flexibility of working from home if it is helpful”.

Linklaters, a circular magical law firm will reopen its offices from Monday, although staff members will be asked to wear slogans as they walk around the house, said a man who briefly explained his new principles.

Lawyers in Slaughter and May are expected to return about 60 percent of the time from February 7, in line with its plans to move to a mixed-working environment, said a person familiar with the company’s intentions.

Lloyds’ spokesman said: “We have told our people in England who are working from home to resume work in the office”. Other lenders including Barclays, NatWest and JPMorgan said they have not yet decided on their new terms, but will change staff on Friday or early next week.

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