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Citizen Wants To Send Better Security Teams To Your Region


Illustration of an article entitled In Nod to Dystopian Fiction, Citizen Wants to Send Private Security Teams to Your Home

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In the face of what appears to be a threat to dystopian, Citizen’s security intelligence life seems to be preparing to enlist security agencies to respond to user responses The heat of black water Civil protection that can only lead to good things.

When it re-launched in 2016, Citizen had another name, The winner, and is known for encouraging people to film and share pornographic videos in their community. Since then, the company has been restructured, acquired a lot of money, and it has become a popular security awareness system that uses alerts to users of emergency information such as fire, medical incidents and crime.

Now, just a day or so after the company made a mistake put the good on a homeless person in LA and accusing him of starting a fire, Board reports that former employees and internal records reflect the following Citizen factor: what is happening soon is a partnership with major security companies to send secret groups to your area, where they will see if you are OK or not.

“The big plan was to create an emergency self-defense system,” a Citizen employee said said Motherboard, when a former employee told the seller that the plans “had been discussed for a while but I did not expect him to get here.”

Much is unclear here: what these jobs might be, how much they would cost, or who could get them. It is unclear whether the pilot is the same person the company recently announced on its page, Citizen Protection, which describes it as “the only way you can sign up” which “is still being tested and not available to all users.” Security apparently allows users to “connect with a trained Citizen citizen whenever you have a disaster or are insecure,” as the website states. When asked by Gizmodo if Protect was the same function described in the Motherboard article, the Citizen Prophet declined to comment.

One of the companies that Citizen is testing its pilot with is a company called Los Angeles Professional Security, a self-assessment company registered to “comply with regulations” that provide “immediate response” by setting alarms and other emergency services. For $ 999 a month, you can sign up for LAPS to do a variety of fun security-related activities, from anti-stalker to getting you out of the clutter where “civil unrest” threatens your life. A little company describes their activities like this:

Do you walk around the city feeling unsafe? Do you think someone is following me? A few nice looking pictures next to the car? is anyone screaming outside your house? The LAPS Officer will come and give you the protection you need. We can ask them to stop shouting.

That’s right, people: Tscreaming stops today. When you get on the phone, the LAPS employee sendsred Gizmodo on his page and YouTube channel to hear more about his work but did not say anything about the upcoming deal with Citizen.

Citizen, however, confirmed that it is working with LAPS. The spokesman sent us the following reply: “LAPS provides a quick response service that we test internally with staff as a test and a single car in Los Angeles. For example, if someone wants to be escorted to a night shift, they can request this.

The police seem to think it’s a good idea, too. E-mails seen by the Motherboard say the Los Angeles Police Department contacted Citizen and said the approach was “game-changing.” The “LAPD” emails are rife with domestic violence, and the council has thrown up its hands because it does not have enough supervisors along the way to respond to such calls. “The police department, when questioned Friday, did not confirm or deny that it was affiliated with the company:” We are working to see if everyone in the LAPD is connected to the Citizen program, “said Det. Meghan Aguilar, of LAPD’s Media Relations Division, in an email to Gizmodo. “At this stage, we cannot confirm whether the content of the online submissions is accurate as it is consistent with LAPD.”

See, let’s just leave it clear: that having a program that invites armed guards for a while seems like a dangerous idea. That’s how this business model can help the rich when they have weapons against the common people that makes them feel like something else. Runner Man or Robocop. Bougie SoCals in towns that are recruiting troops to see what the poor or underprivileged neighbors are doing … I mean, what could happen? I can’t see the cases or cases coming up right there. The map looks good, people.


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