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Chinese troops clash with Covid

The dissolution of relations between China and Australia sounds like a small part of the larger picture of world events. But this is a window angle that needs to be looked at. It showed for the first time China’s deep involvement in international calls to inquire about the origins of the Covid-19.

The breakdown in relations between Beijing and Canberra has been dramatic. Back in 2014, President Xi Jinping delivered Speaking to the Australian Parliament to praise the new trade agreement and the “great sea of ​​compassion between Australia and China”. But last year, China said so established fine and alternatives to Australian wine, food and coal, and Chinese officials have condemned the country prejudice and war crimes.

The source of the conflict can be just as important as it happened. Late last year, Chinese embassies released a list of documents 14 complaints against Australia. The gripes included blocking foreign currency and selling “anti-China” research. But one complaint emerged.

Looking at following the time of the argument, it is clear that the time when China grew bigger was when Canberra he asked independent research on the origins of Covid-19. Scott Morrison, Australia’s prime minister, has also called on experts from around the world to be given “the power to control weapons” in conducting their own research. Chinese Ambassador to Canberra he replied warning them that such contempt could lead to a boycott of Australian products by Chinese consumers. A few months later, the Chinese government took action to introduce a tax code.

Beijing later joined the World Health Organization’s research team. But the supervisors were too much less in what he can see. China’s apparent resolve to resolve the issue is backward – it is encouraging suspicion among those who believe that the country has a secret.

On the contrary, a guilty conscience is not the only valid reason to answer Beijing. The main problem is that China’s reaction to foreign criticism is seen as a mixture of threats, falsehoods and secretions. This applies if the title is Xinjiang, Taiwan or Covid-19.

This type of Talk about “fox fox” it is often the opposite. It is also an inevitable part of domestic violence that seeks to unite President Xi – and that forces people to be questioned and oppressed. It is unrealistic to expect that a closed-door and home-based system will change and open up to external interactions. Many harsh messages from Chinese ambassadors may be targeted at ordinary citizens or bosses at home. The aim is to show that the Xi government represents China.

In the case of the Covid-19 investigation, the Chinese government was also directly protected by Donald Trump. The fact that the former US president was known to be a liar – and had valid political reasons to criticize China for the epidemic – led to this Easy to remove the whole idea of ​​losing a lab in Wuhan as another idea to the right.

Joe Biden’s clever strategy is dangerous in Beijing because it can be trusted – both at home and abroad. The US president has spoken out he agreed that his smart teams are divided on the idea of ​​lab-leak. They can be very fearful of what would happen if this theory was confirmed. Despite Biden’s efforts to reduce the risk of such a scandal, there could be lawsuits in American courts – demanding substantial reparations from China. The White House’s efforts to stabilize peace and cooperation with China could be put out of the water.

Chinese prices are very high. Last year, China did well change the subject on Covid-19. Having begun to complain about being the first to be arrested, Beijing has been able to show China’s success in contracting the disease, compared to the number of deaths in the West.

The issue of a recent US exploration suddenly re-emerges in Beijing. In the face of this crisis, China will seek all the friends it can find. But Xi’s supervisors and his wolf-fighting ambassadors were able last year to differentiate their potential. The most recent lawsuit was the election of a European Parliament freezers the establishment of a major economic agreement between China and the EU – following Beijing’s establishment sanctions to European regulators and institutions, in response to the EU’s order to Xinjiang.

Relations with India have also changed steadily over the past year. For New Delhi, the change was the Chinese genocide in the Himalayas last year – which resulted in the death of soldiers on both sides. Analysts in India believe that Beijing’s pressure on the Covid-19 in the summer of 2020 may have been a source of controversy.

There is an obvious risk that if China feels it has just settled on the Covid-19, it will respond with rudeness – or in the pursuit of other forms of distraction. Conducting an understanding of the origin of the epidemic is inevitable and important. It’s dangerous.

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