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Chinese freedom fighters accuse Tencent of ‘inappropriate’ in ‘Honor of Kings’

Tencent was accused of things he said were “inappropriate” in a very successful game Respect for Kings. The Beijing Teenagers Law Aid And Research Center says the game, known as A Place of Courage In the West, it also includes items that are not suitable for children.

The public interest group filed a lawsuit Tuesday after the Children’s Reform Act was introduced. Tencent is said to have lowered the minimum limit from 18 to 12 over the past few years.

The group claims it Respect for Kings has labels with low-cut clothing, inscriptions that “distorted history” and “cultural disrespect,” according to Reuters. It also wrote on the press page that the website and playgrounds have “too many preferences that are not suitable for young people” and that the communication method can encourage young players to play the game for longer than they can otherwise.

Respect for Kings had 100 million players every day around the world since November, Tencent said at the time. The company is involved in a number of cases, including one from TikTok ByteDance, which blamed Tencent violating anti-conflict laws and preventing users from accessing Douyin content on WeChat and QQ applications.

Reports in April has given an idea that China plans to pay Tencent amid conflicting political tensions. The company could face a $ 1.5 billion penalty. Tencent has faced challenges in some areas. That he lost the right to publish that PUBG Mobile Lite and PUBG Mobile Nordic maps in India last year when the country banned and Chinese links.

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