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China’s cyber security officer has removed Didi from its trading post


China’s cyber security official has ordered Didi to be removed from a home market within a few days of the mysterious giant raised $ 4.4bn in the biggest list this year.

Didi’s program has “serious violations of the law on the collection and use of personal information”, Cyberspace Administration of China said on Sunday evening, two days after the announcement. opened a cyber security investigation enter Didi. On Friday, the CAC asked Didi to stop registering new users.

Last week, Didi’s IPO flew to New York – at a cost of $ 14 per share – without a press conference, public interest or a rallying cry, following a speedy appearance.

Didi has more than 377m users and 13m drivers annually in China. The company has a wealth of information, ranging from frequent user addresses, phone contacts and car recording, which began following the 2018 massacre.

Didi said it will “strongly establish” the interests of the authorities, and will remove the program from stores “for reorganization”.

“We sincerely thank the officials who have been able to lead Didi to investigate our threats, and we will fix and rehabilitate him,” Didi said.

The company also said that users who have already downloaded the app will continue to use it, and that trips and drivers will not be affected.

Didi shares traded 11% down in New York on Friday after a cyber security announcement was announced, before settling on a 5.3% stake in the conference, $ 15.52.

The idea of ​​the regulators to announce the intelligence, as well as the speed with which they announced this weekend, has never happened in China in the year of cyber security monitoring.

The CAC announcement on Sunday said it had “done this based on complaints, and after an investigation and analysis”, but did not mention the problems encountered with Didi’s data security measures or the length of time.

Additional reports of Nian Liu


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