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China rover also sends images from the top of Mars | Science and Technology Issues

Zhurong is expected to spend about three months on earth to learn about the earth and its atmosphere.

Solar flares against strange landscapes, ramps and sticks facing the end of Mars – China’s Zhurong rover has restored its original images of the Red Planet after reaching its milestone over the weekend.

The Rover was flown to Mars on the immovable spacecraft Tianwen-1 Saturday, in the first successful survey of any country in its first mission in the world.

It explores the soil and air of the earth and looks at the signs of past life.

The China National Space Administration on Wednesday released photos taken with cameras connected to a rover, which showed anti-obstructing devices and solar panels on the vehicle, as well as the earth’s surface.

A photograph taken on Mars depicting the earth’s surface with Chinese pilot Zhurong [China National Space Administration via Reuters]

“People on the internet, the Mars images you’ve been looking for are here,” the space agency said in a news release.

Zhurong, the so-called Chinese mythical fire god, arrived a few months after the most recent US survey on Mars – Perseverance – and celebrated China as a key factor in boosting power.

He is expected to spend about three months in the world photographing and harvesting areas.

China has come a long way in its competition to find the US and Russia, whose astronomers and astronomers have many years of experience in space.

It started well the first part of his new location last month.

The screen displays a CCTV footage, showing a photo of Mars taken by a Zhurong rover [Thomas Peter/Reuters]

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