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China Prohibits Uploading Didi Software From Offshoot Offshoot


China's Illustration Prohibits App Ride-Hailing Didi From Offshore Concession Offices

Figure: Greg Baker / AFP (Getty Images)

China Sunday he called a store removing the leading giant Didi Chuxing from their list, citing violations of the law surrounding the collection and use of personal information.

The announcement was made by China’s cyberbace administration, the country’s official website supervisor, which Friday has announced that it is cyber repetition about the company and want them to stop registering new users. In announcing the Sabbath, the moderator also instructed Didi to comply with legal requirements and to provide for the protection of user information, in accordance with Google’s definition of the content of the official website.

Didi responded to the election Weibo’s story, especially in China similar to Twitter, Sunday and is said to be working to solve the problems that have been ordered, according to the definition. It also said that users, including riders and drivers, who have already downloaded the Didi app, can use it at all times.

“Didi is committed to complying with government department requirements, and has suspended users’ registration on July 3, and the Didi Travel App will be removed from the shelves to be updated according to the requirements in the relevant departments,” the company said.

Friday, in the words to Wall Street JournalDidi said he fully agreed with the government’s policy on cyber security and “closely researched security risks.” It pledged to continue to refine its security-protected systems.

China’s Internet Authority Said his illumination Didi’s aim was to avoid threats to national security.

However, China may have other reasons for opposing Didi. Bloomberg reports that the country has been exercising its governance with the help of its major online organizations. This includes focusing more on ownership and managing the information that online companies, such as Alibaba and Tencent, collect from hundreds of millions of users on a daily basis.

Didi’s search and removal of the country comes just days after the company’s announcement $ 4.4 Billion, the largest US IPO company in China since Alibaba went public in $ 25 billion in 2014.


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