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China is revealing the first images of Mars painted by a Zhurong rover

China’s land management agency has it was released The first images were taken by a Zhurong rover on Mars, showing its parts of the lander and the red planet. The work of Tianwen-1 he arrived where it goes on May 15, making China the second country to land on Mars after the US. One of the images is a black photo (above) taken with a moving camera on the back of a rover. It features Zhurong’s sun-shaped appearance and enlarged antennae, as well as red and rocky terrain.

Another photo (below) is a black and white photo taken by a barrier camera placed in front of the rover. It was captured using a two-dimensional lens, which not only shows the rise of the earth-wide spreader, but also the height of the Martian. In addition to the two photographs, the interviewer returned a video showing how the recipient and the rover differed from what was circulating on arrival.

China National Space Administration

NASA Superintendent Sen. Bill Nelson praised China’s space agency in the following words:

“Thanks to the China National Space Administration for receiving the original images from the Zhurong Mars rover! The global scientific team of robotic researchers on Mars is growing, the United States and the world are looking forward to Zhurong’s efforts to improve the human knowledge of the Red Planet. all over the world, which will help inform and establish the necessary capacity to find human footwear on Mars. “

May 21 or 22, Zhurong it makes its way under the ramps you see in the black and white image to combine NASA’s attention with Effort on the surface. It explores another part of the world called Utopia Planitia, using its six tools to study geology and climate.

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