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China is launching a spacecraft on Mars

China has unveiled a rover ship on Mars, according to state media, expressing its strong desire for the mission.

Rover was part of the Tianwen-1 nonprofit project that was set up in July last year. Tianwen means “heavenly questions” and was cited by the poet of Chinese poet Qu Yuan.

The project, which Chinese journalists described as a “new phenomenon” and “a first step in exploring the planets orbiting China”, was aimed at ally with the US by reaching the red planet.

The Global Times reported that the lander and pilot from Tianwen-1’s exploration landed on Mars’ Utopia Planitia early Saturday morning at the same time, according to China National Space Administration.

The lander and rover Tianwen-1 probe separated at around 4 a.m., after which it was able to fly for three hours before entering Mars into space, according to the newspaper.

The spacecraft then “remained for about nine minutes at a glance, flying around to avoid obstacles and blockages, before it reached safety”. The Roveryo is named after Zhurong after the Chinese fire god, and is 1.85m tall and weighs 240kg. It is expected to cross the globe for about 92 days.

The investigation was launched into space on July 23 by a Long March 5 rocket from Wenchang paden in Hainan province, in the south of the country.

The realization of the landing of Mars is part of the expansion of China’s space program. The country’s experts set up the first phase of its permanent settlement around the Earth late last month.

In 2018, China for the first time built more ships around than any other country.

The US sees China’s efforts in the air in artistic ways. “Beijing is working to match or exceed the US airspace’s ability to benefit from the military, economic and prestige that Washington has gained from aviation leadership,” according to an alarming annual survey published by the US chief of missions.

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