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China has criticized G7, saying US has ‘evil intentions’ | Story

Beijing’s outrage comes after G7 leaders took China to control human rights in the Islamic state of Xinjiang.

China has criticized G7 allies’ actions, which have criticized Beijing on a number of issues, including the “significant disruption of the country’s history” and called on the group to stop blaming China.

The Chinese embassy in London said Monday it was dissatisfied with the strong opposition to the references to Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Taiwan that undermined the reality of the case and exposed the “evil intentions of a few countries like the United States”.

A group of seven leaders captured China on Sunday over the issue of human rights in the Xinjiang Muslim region, called on Hong Kong to be independent, and emphasized the need for peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait – all in Beijing.

With the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic and the global economic downturn, people around the world need international cooperation and cooperation instead of “political instability”, the ambassadors said.

He also said that China is a peace-loving country that promotes unity, and has important values.

“China’s internal actions should not be compromised, China’s reputation should not be discredited, and China’s interests should not be violated,” he added.

“We will boldly defend our country, security, and development, and fight all forms of oppression and violence that have taken place in China.”

Fighting China

The Taiwan government has welcomed the G7 statement, saying China is “going to be” strong “and that it will continue to seek international assistance.

White House Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said Sunday’s remarks from the G7 were a foregone conclusion as leaders urged each other on the need to “oppose and compete” with China on issues ranging from defending democracy to professional competition.

The Chinese ambassador said the G7 should do more that would help strengthen international cooperation instead of creating conflicts and disputes.

“We urge the United States and other G7 members to respect the truth, to understand the situation, to stop blaming China, to stop interfering in China’s internal affairs, and to stop undermining China’s interests.”

The Embassy also noted that the monitoring of the COVID-19 epidemic should not be politically motivated, as soon as the G7 said the same to fully investigate the sources of coronavirus in China.

A joint team of experts between China and the World Health Organization has been conducting their own research and compliance with WHO guidelines, the ambassador added.

“Politicians in the United States and other countries ignore reality and science, openly question and reject what the affidavit reports, and file false charges against China.”

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