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China calls for ‘positive change’ when COVID cases release in Xi’an | Coronavirus Plague News

New cases in a closed city drop sharply after a week as people face 11 days in tight prisons.

New cases of COVID-19 in China’s closed city of Xi’an have dropped sharply after one week as people face 11 days in tight prisons.

China has adopted a “zero-COVID” approach to border control and emergency closure, which has been monitored since the outbreak in the central city in late 2019.

However, this approach has been forced in recent weeks by a number of local epidemics and lawsuits pending the outcome.

There were 122 new cases reported Sunday in the well-known northern city – the lowest since December 25, down from 174 Saturday.

Zhang Canyou, from China’s Disease Control Agency, told a state-run CCTV correspondent that after several tests in Xi’an and the suspension, they were beginning to see “some positive changes”.

“We will also change the prevention methods and improve them in a timely manner,” he said.

However, there are 16 patients with a “serious” condition, according to the National Health Commission.

Although low compared with statistics elsewhere, new diseases in recent days have reached a peak in China since March 2020.

Since December 9 there have been more than 1,500 cases of Delta strain reported in Xi’an, and health officials said at a press conference on Saturday that two patients were at risk.

China has not reported the death of COVID-19 since January 2021.

The residents of the closed Xi’an said this week they are struggling to get enough food, and government officials are urging residents to “be more understanding and tolerant” as they try to make things better.

There were also seven cases reported east of Ningbo Sunday, where a small group is linked to a clothing factory.

All flights from the city to Beijing’s capital were canceled, state media said.

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