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China allows couples to have three children in the face of economic hardship

China allows couples to have three children, without neglecting to sing to change their marriage laws in the wake of the crisis that comes after Beijing said the population was declining for decades.

Xinhua, a Chinese journalist, said the Communist Party’s politburo, consisting of 25 senior officials, had confirmed the “new three-child policy” aimed at “tackling the elderly, and continuing China’s access to employment”.

Experts, individuals and the central bank in China have called on the government to lift the border after birth registration published this month showed a 5.4% increase from 1.34bn in 2010 – the lowest risk among statistics since the People’s Republic of China began collecting data in 1953 – and births dropped dramatically.

But Beijing did not want to give up the use of decades-old social media tools that promote the illegal rule of one child, often using violent methods, including forced abortions.

In the last five years, the risk of childbirth in China has dropped dramatically to 1.3 births for every mother, one of the youngest in the world. The two-child law, enacted in 2015, did not significantly affect the birth of children.

Population researchers say rising inflation, urbanization, and the rising cost of child labor have led to a reduction in interest rates, which can be difficult to reverse.

The promulgation of the law on three children was met with immediate media violence, despite widespread opposition to the government.

“I suggest that you first deal with the major challenges facing children. . . abuse of women at work, before asking them to have children! ”Read the most popular response under Xinhua’s announcement on Weibo, a microblogging platform.

“Most of us were the only child in our generation. Kalelo [the government] charge us. Now she wants us to raise four elderly parents and three children. . . in your dreams only, ”replied another reply.

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