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China accuses the EU of threatening international trade

Beijing has accused the EU of placing a global threat to the global economy by initiating a crisis in foreign trade, warning that “discrimination” could lead the world to a coronavirus epidemic.

China’s ambassador to the EU has said the European Commission is trying to improve its skills business The initiatives were seen by some businesses as advertising “transparent internal and external approaches” and creating “new trade barriers”.

“The EU’s actions will also have a global impact, and such a move could also lead to global pressure on companies,” Zhang Ming told the Financial Times.

The ambassador also attacked EU-US in recent years sell at steel and aluminum prices which seeks to curb exports from manufacturers of high carbon emissions including China, citing “increasing tensions” in industrial production and growing. rising prices.

The EU is doing what other EU member states say is a long-term effort to strengthen its economic self-reliance and respond to Beijing-led unfair trade practices, such as favoring state-owned enterprises and the transfer of forced labor. Among the EU weapons list is the anti-aid tool, strong trade security and a proven approach to investigating human rights abuses and the environment.

The EU also in September launched a new one Trade and Technology Council in order to expand cooperation with the US in higher sectors, such as semiconductors and green technology.

Zhang declared that the EU’s insistence on independence was “in line with” the role of the union as a global power and said Beijing was committed to the cause. But foreign businesses opposed to a number of EU policies could have unintended consequences, he said. “They will not help in stabilizing the global economy and industries after the epidemic and the global economic recovery,” he said.

He called on the EU to comply with the rules of the World Trade Organization, saying that uncoordinated measures would hurt Europe’s financial system and inflate prices. “Such a move is contrary to the original objectives of trade and economic policies and is a distortion of market principles,” Zhang said.

The move by the EU could “cause global economic woes”, says Zhang Ming, China’s ambassador to the EU © Bert Van den Broucke / Photonews / Getty.

According to some businesses, “there has been a proliferation of technologically advanced weapons targeting countries and their businesses. These weapons are discriminatory and violate market principles of fairness and justice.”

The EU is divided over the difficulties it needs to push back the Chinese Communist Party of capitalism, as it seeks to position itself between the US and China.

When finished trade agreement Last December, Brussels resigned ice this year Beijing has imposed sanctions on a number of members of parliament in Europe. This followed EU sanctions in response to aid of Uyghurs Muslims in Xinjiang.

Zhang said China was ready to form an economic treaty, and criticized Europe for its impediments to ratification. The EU should not allow “political deception” to interfere, “he said. “We are ready to work with our European partners to explore ways in which we can achieve this partnership.”

Nato has also tightened its grip on China in recent months, calling the country a “systemic problem”. Their secretary general Jens Stoltenberg said counting China’s security threats will play a key role in the future goals of the western alliance.

Zhang said China hopes Nato “can remain in its former state and state”, adding: “Do not cross the border with China as an excuse.”

What people around the world should be concerned about, he continued, and Aukus Defense Pact between the US, Australia and the UK. “It has the potential to increase the risk of nuclear proliferation and could lead to a new arms race,” he said. “It does not contribute to world peace and security.”

He was asked about the US analysis stating that China wants to increase its nuclear arsenals four times, Zhang also mentioned the size of American reserves, saying they were 20 times larger. He also dispersed reports about China’s hypersonic nuclear weapon test, stating that the tests were a confirmation of the atmosphere that could be reused. “We will not pour resources into the unnecessary arms race,” he said.

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