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Chilean voters are preparing to elect lawmakers from their country


Chile will vote for lawmakers who have drafted the new constitution, while the country’s right-wing government is trying to stay in power ahead of the November presidential election.

Elections of Gubernatorials, mayors and mayors who have been affected by the outbreak will also take place on Saturday and Sunday, in addition to the general election.

Chile has not been rescued by a second coronavirus that has hit Latin America despite having the highest vaccine in the region. Defective disease reached its highest level last month, although numbers have already dropped.

“Chile is doing a number of past and present events… In the midst of the economic and health crises that Covid-19 has brought about,” said Robert Funk, a political scientist.

A crucial vote will elect members of a coalition to rewrite the laws enacted in the 1973-90 dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet – which many Chileans consider extremist.

About four-fifths of voters voted to amend the law in a November referendum.

“These elections are probably a reflection of what Chile has done over the next few decades,” said Gloria de la Fuente of the Chilean exhibition council. “The vote will have a profound effect on Chilean politics and government… Electing rulers to bring about dialogue in this country.”

However interest rates are expected to be lower than in the referendum. 58% of Chileans who took part in a recent poll in Ipsos say they will not be able to vote because of the epidemic, while less than half know they will vote in four constituencies.

Chile in the last few decades has become one of the richest countries in Latin America, although the major inequalities that led to the 2019 riots have not been resolved.

The limited number of President Sebastián Piñera’s approval since the protests has grown since his government was ousted from Congress, particularly in pension reform.

While the remaining alliance that has ruled Chile over the past 30 years has been strained since Piñera took office in 2018, its popularity could allow the left and middle left to defend two-thirds of the required summit to present any new constitutional issues.

“If freedom gets more than 30 percent [in the assembly], it will be a great achievement, ”says Lucia Dammert, a sociologist at the University of Santiago.

Despite the success of its vaccine, Chile has been strongly affected by the coronavirus epidemic. Last summer, an average of 352 million cases per day were reported last month, reaching 383 cases.

However, the Piñera government has been able to make more Covid contributions than most other countries in the region.

The key to voting this weekend is the establishment of independent candidates, Dammert said. While traditional parties have been hit hard by political unrest, it will be a “big battle” for independent states to recognize, he said.

There are also natural cards such as those of Pablo Maltes – the husband of Pamela Jiles, a prospective religious leader – who represents the ambassador of the capital city of Santiago.

“If Malte wins, then there is something going on with Jiles,” Funk said, as he shows he was a very competitive president.

Jiles, who has been instrumental in reviving Chile’s financial system, is one of the president’s hopes, with neither right nor left happy.

The electoral reform under the previous government of Michelle Bachelet, which has increased its representation, means that the Chileans will for the first time re-elect government officials in a country with a strong presence in Santiago. These elections will also affect about half of local governments.


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