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Cheney is stirring up trouble for fellow Republicans over Trump


Liz Cheney accused her fellow Republicans of breaking the law and undermining American democracy Tuesday night, at the end of a vote to be ousted from the party leadership for criticizing Donald Trump.

Speaking under the U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday, Cheney, a parliamentary speaker in Wyoming and the daughter of vice president Dick Cheney, said the former president was a “threat” to the United States with lies that he said last year the election was rigged.

“It simply came to our notice then. Every one of us who has sworn an oath must take action to prevent the liberation of our democracy, “Cheney told lawmakers.” Silence, and ignoring lies, strengthens the liar.

“I don’t do this with them,” he added. “I will not sit back and just watch the silence as others lead our party in the process of abandoning the rule of law and joining the old militia to undermine democracy.”

Cheney did not take long to vote for what should see him ousted from his post of House Republican congressman and GOP senior woman on Capitol Hill.

His disagreement with members of his party has been seen in Washington as a sign of Trump’s steadfastness in the Republican party.

Cheney was very hardworking, and saw him as a rising star when he was elected to Congress in 2016. But he broke up with many of his friends after January 6th. attack at the US Capitol that threatened fellow lawmakers and left five people dead.

Cheney was one of ten Republican House members who voted to give Trump a chance in the uprising, which was led by his supporters. He survived an independent vote that took place in secret in February.

However, his relationship with Kevin McCarthy, the youngest leader of the Republican House, has deteriorated in recent weeks as he continues to do so. public opposition former president.

Trump called the congresswoman a hawkish “lukewarm”, and urged the New York government Elise Stefanik as an heir to the House.

McCarthy told colleagues this week that he “should expect a vote to commemorate the convention seat” Wednesday.

“Having heard from many of you in recent days, it is clear that we need to change,” he said in a letter, adding that Republicans were a “big tent party”.

McCarthy is plotting to force Republicans to run in the by-elections next year, with the party hoping to reclaim the Senate.

Opponents say in electing Cheney, the GOP will continue to differentiate the minority voters who rejected the party in the November ballot box.

“Ronald Reagan is convinced that calling our party a big tent is possible to attract people, and that’s what we need to win elections,” Mitt Romney, a Utah senator, said on Tuesday. “If you reduce the tent to a children’s tent, it makes it less likely to win elections.”

But some have defended the move, saying the GOP should elect leaders who reflect the views of many lawmakers who still support Trump.

Kevin Cramer, a Republican senator for North Dakota, told reporters on Capitol Hill that the Trump administration had succeeded in attracting “working Americans”.

“We have this big tent, and there should be enough space for everyone. But not all of them are leaders, ”said Cheney.

Cheney remains in Congress following Wednesday’s vote, but is expected to meet a number of opponents in 2022.

“Is being disfellowshipped a reversal of circumstances? Probably not, but not at all, ”said Doug Heye, chief of staff and former spokesman for the Republican National Committee. “This could set him free to do other things. . . there is no doubt a long way off. ”


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